We Are The Party Party We Shake It Boom Boom

Lupe FuentesHave you seen this new music video from latest pop sensation “The Ex Girlfriends” ? Now you’re thinking WTF, why am I being goaded into watching an over engineered “Euro Trash” sounding pop ditty. I bet you’re also thinking cummon ? Even I could write a better lyric than…. “We Are The Party Party We Shake It Boom Boom” But stay with me on this cos it’s worth it. The group is fronted by none other thanLupe FuentesLupe is a Colombian born Latina Hottie of epic proportions. Infact you could redefine the phrase “Latina Hotties” and just call them “Lupes”. Anyway here’s the music video followed by a photo that more than compensates.Ok so if you’ve never heard of this stunning Latina here’s a bit of a bio. Lupe Fuentes was born Zuleydy Piedrahita on January 27th 1987, so at the time of writing this she’s coming upto her 26th birthday. Lupe Fuentes She was born in Cali, Colombias third biggest city. The proper name for it is Santiago De Cali but it gets shortened to Cali, not to be confused with California. She moved to Madrid when she was young and was brought up there and eventually moved to the USA where in 2010 she signed an exclusive one year contract with Wicked Pictures. There are some HOT Colombian babes around but for the time being Lupe Fuentes is our Official Colombian Vixen. She still has her own exclusive adult site that you can join. This is the only website that she has direct input to, get the latest updates news and webcamming sessionsLupe Fuentes Lupe Fuentes