Service Room

Room service!” I called loudly as I knocked on the door. I waited a minute balancing the tray in my left hand as I had now become so used to doing. I didn’t hear anything from inside the room so after double checking the room number was correct, I used my house key and opened the door a little before shouting ”Room Service!” once more. I hesitated but did not hear anything so I cautiously proceeded inside.
Room 1512 was one of the hotel’s better suites, one with a generous sized sitting room adjacent to the bedroom, but still contained within one large area. The bathroom was cleverly concealed behind the bedroom so that it also had a great view of the city. I placed the tray on the small round table in the middle of the sitting room and lifted the lid to confirm the contents. Six freshly shucked oysters with a piece of lemon. Exactly as ordered by Mrs Johnson. Also on the tray was a bottle of one of the hotel’s best champagnes, an ice bucket and two glasses, also as ordered. Mrs Johnson had apparently been very precise about the order and had insisted that I be the porter to bring it up. I can’t work out why, because she didn’t seem to be here. I placed the bottle in the ice bucket, checked the tray was neatly placed, looked around the room, turned and started to go out.
“Stop!”, was the command from somewhere behind me. I turned quickly, thinking there was a drama. I saw standing in the frame of the bathroom door a very attractive auburn haired woman who I would guess was in her late thirties. She somehow seemed familiar but I really didn’t try too hard to search my mind exactly where or when I had seen her before, because she was standing there in one of the hotel’s large fluffy white bath robes, the ones that everyone loves to souvenir. The robe was open down the front so that it continued down through her generous cleavage almost to her navel. Her breasts were not exposed, but the look she presented and the thought of what lay under was so sexy and a huge turn on, I just stared. “You’re early!” she exclaimed in the same commanding voice. “You were supposed to bring it up precisely at 3 o’clock!” I glanced at my watch; it was now 4 minutes before 3, which was my finish for the day. I had been on the floor since 6am and I was ready to go and had football training starting at 5pm. I started to say something but she immediately cut me off and said “No, do not speak unless I tell you to speak”.
I just stared at her again as I was lost for words. Her voice had a domineering tone and I seemed to just react to every word she said. She went on, “I need you to serve the food before you go so come over here and do as you’re told.” Again it was an order and as though I had lost all control, I just obeyed. “Pick up the table and bring it over to the bed right here”, she commanded pointing to a spot on the floor about a metre from the bed. Again I did as I was told and carefully placed the solid timber table complete with the plate and champagne right on the spot she indicated. I automatically turned to her again as I expected another command. Instead, from somewhere behind her she produced a studded leather dog collar complete with a metre long leash and, without warning, put it around my neck, buckled it up and grabbed the leash. “Now you must do as you’re told and you can’t leave until you finish everything I have for you to do!” she said in a very threatening tone. “Now, take the lid off the oysters” she demanded tugging on the lead so that it actually cut into my throat. She had it quite tight, but it still allowed me to breathe normally when she wasn’t pulling on it. I did as commanded and placed the lid under the table. She then reached across and squeezed a little lemon onto two of the oysters. “So she does do something herself” I thought, but she cut me off in mid track; “Pick up an oyster with a fork and feed it to me,” she said indicating by poking out and wriggling her tongue a little. I slid the small fork under the oyster which, being pre-shucked came away from the shell easily and delivered it carefully to her mouth gliding it onto the outstretched tongue. She pursed her lips and drawing her breath, the oyster was simply sucked into her mouth with a small slurping sound. She had two chews and swallowed. “Very good” she said, “Very good”. I’m not sure if the compliment was for me or the oyster.

As amazing and unbelievable as this was, I dove right in, no hesitation this time. The motion was similar to the tits, my tongue seemed to dive in and scoop the oyster out of its hiding place, this time mixed with loads of pussy juice. The flavours actually complimented each other and the seafood was definitely a gourmet mix. I licked the whole length and breadth of her pussy to make sure I got it all, but the flavour lingered on, her juice making machine creating more and more as I went. I sensed two things, one, my manhood was busting out of my black uniform pants and two, she was convulsing with very stroke of my tongue. Her legs gripped my head and she would not let go. The leash was still very firm and I couldn’t move my head away in any case. The convulsions continued until with one almighty squeeze and a shudder, she stopped. The oyster was long gone, I don’t remember chewing it, but I did do a lot of swallowing.

Her legs and the leash relaxed as little as her hands came back down to her waist. Her head still lay back on the bed and she didn’t move for a couple of minutes. Then it seems almost imperceptibly, she raised her head and looked at me with a devilish grin while raising herself up on to her elbows and said ”Now, let’s see if you live up to your nickname, ‘Schlong’!”

I now noticed that the bath robe had opened up a little beneath the tie cord and a small dark furry triangle was occasionally visible at the top of her smooth lovely shaped legs. It made me closely observe her again; my brain in semi neutral and I almost trembled at what I now thought was to come. But no, I really couldn’t guess what was to come. “Now you have an oyster”, she said in a more conciliatory tone, but which still had that air of authority about it. She still had hold of the leash and I really didn’t want her to pull on it again. I could overpower her, but I was as complete a prisoner as someone behind bars; I was as trapped as a rabbit in a snare and I didn’t try; I had submitted. The tug came anyway, she sensed my hesitation while I nearly slipped into a dream and it brought me back to reality. “NOW” she demanded. She released the leash enough for me to bend over and take the other oyster with the lemon. I took the shell and put it to my lips, tilted it and sucked the oyster straight off the shell. “Chew it” she said, Chew it right up”. I did as I was told and chewed; tasting the saltiness of the sea and a metallic, yet creamy coating flooded my mouth as only oysters can do. “Now pour some champagne each”, she commanded again and I immediately did so, the bubbles floating to the top of the glass before I let them settle down to top it up. “Now drink” she said allowing me enough slack to do so. I took a swig and was about to have more but she said “Enough”, so I placed the glass back on the table.
“I need another oyster” she said as she again leant down and squeezed a little lemon on two more oysters her tits leaning temporarily out of her gaping robe as she did so. They did distract me briefly, but this time I pre-empted her command by picking up one oyster as she finished. She was obviously pleased because she smiled a little, first time since I came in and it seemed to change her whole appearance. She actually looked quite stunning when she smiled; she had an air of confident elegance about her, even though she was several years older than me and she currently held me in her power. She took the oyster I proffered her tongue and sucked it in again, two more chews and a large swallow, this time accentuating the swallow, making sure I was looking. She then sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the top of bathrobe apart so that a pair of gorgeous breasts confronted me, round and full, still very firm and silky smooth. The nipples were a dark shade of pink, rather than brown and they appeared to be quite erect. She cupped her breasts in her hands touching the nipples briefly with her thumbs, watching me intently as she did. I was very close to her, I had to be, as she had not let go the leash. She pushed the breasts together and said “Now place an oyster in there!” she said. I gulped and reached out for the other oyster with the lemon.
I took the oyster off the shell and ever so carefully placed it in between what I could only call, those great tits. She held them together and said very softly but just as firmly; “Now eat!”
Well, I never thought I would choke in any given situation but I obviously hesitated too long as another pull on the leash and another command to eat came very swiftly. I winced, but came right in, ever so close and ran my tongue between the cleavage and with an upward stroke and a slight suck I scooped the oyster into my mouth. “Chew!” she again commanded. She carefully watched me chew and when I had finished she told me to lick up the serving dish that the oyster was served on, not giving me any latitude to move. So, I licked those tits, I licked eagerly until every trace of the oysters was gone, even on both nipples that it never even touched. Then, the same as before, we both got to have some more champagne, the bubbles completely refreshing my mouth and washing away the taste of the oysters.
The ritual was then performed again; she reached over and squeezed a little lemon juice on the last two remaining oysters. She told me pick one up then tugging at the leash brought me back close to the bed. She sidled onto the bed a little more by walking her backside along and then completely undid the tie around her bathrobe. She slid herself out of the robe totally but left it spread under her on the bed. I looked at her naked before me, a jewel in all its splendour. The neatly trimmed pussy hair was darker than the hair on her head but was exactly the same tone, so I guessed it was the natural colour. But she surprised me again when she quickly used both hands to pull her pussy lips part exposing her private parts to me, leaving nothing to the imagination. At this distance it was a sight to see and I had a close up view! She said” Put it here”, indicating the top of her pussy. She seemed to cup the pussy by closing the lower part of her wet lips but keeping the top apart forming a small dish. I slid the oyster in, pushing it a little and she allowed her pussy lips to close over it. “Now eat” she said once again allowing her hands to move away from that magical place.