Day a What

It turned horrible that day. Almost everyone knew it would. People turned out and most stayed outdoors anyways but Shepherd and Anise found their way inside. Both stopped sweating once they did while relaxing in the comfort of the host’s cool home.
She was only 36. She was as pretty as they came too. She knew it but never let on that she did either. Her hair glistened. Her eyes, magnetic, and that smile…it made everyone take another glance at her. Wow, how could she be so pretty they thought? No way could that woman, Anise, be as attractive, as pretty, and as well built as she was. But yes, she was gorgeous and she never ever hardly ever worked at her body. It came naturally.
He was only 25. He was in great shape too but this humidity, it was way too much for him and sitting in the backroom, watching everyone, his perspiring began to slow down and eventually stop too. Nice hairdo and great eyes as well, he was well spoken, and also college educated. He snuck looks at her. Nice boobs, he told himself, and he’d seen her standing up…she had a nice figure too. He smiled inside. He sure wouldn’t mind seeing her in a bikini he thought earlier. Nope, not at all.
They didn’t know each other. They’d never met. She looked at him but didn’t stare like he had at her. Still, she found him…okay…attractive in some ways. She liked that but still hadn’t conversed with him. Not that afternoon…not for a while at least.
Their eyes met. Each smiled then looked away at the people outside trying to bare the suppressing heat of the day. Finally she spoke up. “Hot out isn’t it?” He smiled and nodded. Then he spoke up and said it was too hot…way too hot. “Yes, you are right about that.” Silence ensued for a few minutes. She looked at him again. “I’m…Anise and…you are?” she went on to say.
“Oh, sorry…I’m Shepherd. Everyone calls me Shep but you can call me whatever you’d like… Shep, Shepherd” he told her as he felt his blood overheating. He liked this older woman. He liked her looks a lot. If only he could…look and stare and be exceptionally rude and gaze upon her highly attractive figure. Yes, I know…I know, that’s rude as hell, he told himself. She smiled at what he’d told her about being called either Shep or Shepherd and told him that was rather nice seeing as the two didn’t know one another. “No…noooo…that’s fine… I really don’t mind…Anise.”
She smiled some more. He fell instantly in love with her smile. Silence ensued again. Looking around, neither stared at the other, but he knew…yes, he knew…god it would be so cool if the two of them could…naw that is preposterous.
“You have a…girlfriend, Shepherd?” he heard her say out of no where.
Her eyes looked right into his soul. Damn, he could feel her eyes reaming it. Wow, it was incredible how he felt…her eyes leached in on him like they were…almost attached to his body how they were… Jesus, man oh man…wow…it is incredible how she’s…looks at me like she does, he thought.
“Um no…no I don’t. Uh…we broke up…I don’t know…about three months back. No, it was four months now that I think of it.” And then as quickly as he answered her he asked “And you…you married, dating, or anything like that?” Wow, now that was a dumb question, he told himself.
“No, not married” she said “but I was…for a very short five months” she said, smiling into his eyes. “Tell me about yourself” she went on to say. “What are your…plans later on…today?”
His body temp…it went sky high. He felt a trembling, a riveting he hadn’t felt in ages. The question made his body feel all…wild. What…in the…hell…did she mean by that? What are my plans…later on today? Hell, I don’t know. Probably go on out with some friends…you know, watch some games, party…I don’t know, yet.
She waited, patiently.
He finally looked at her…all of her…as she smiled at him…and his physique, but she waited. “I don’t know actually” he told her. “Usually…well usually I’ll go out with friends and watch football or basketball and drink…the usual thing to do.”
Silence again.

Anise had no idea what to say. She was touched. She was excited too. She liked that she was viewed as a good looking woman, or so she thought. “So what you’re telling me is that…I’m…also a…good looking woman in your eyes?” He nodded. She shook her head in disbelief. She waved her hands over her figure. She looked down at it as if she couldn’t believe his words. “Soooo…does this mean…you also like my figure?”
Holy shit, he thought. Are you like kidding me? Hell yes. Hell yes I do, he thought. If only you knew. If only you knew, he told himself. He didn’t let on that he felt that way but she could tell. She wanted him, badly too, and she was more then ready to let on she felt that way.
Silence befell the room. Still no one from outside had come in. They sat quietly.
“I have a…an invitation” she said all of a sudden. “I’d love to invite you to the house. I have a pool. You, me…we could go swimming. That’s all…just swim, get to know each other a little. Nothing more,” she told him.

A small grin rested on her lips. She was nodding too. He wondered why she was nodding. “So we’ve established, more or less, you’re going out tonight. Isn’t that right?” He nodded along, with a smile, and a question on his mind as well. “We’ve also established you do like…women… Is that…correct?” she said quietly. There was silence in the room again, but this time these two lone strangers stared at each other as he wondered what was truly going on. Meanwhile, her eyes did not leave his making him both a little uncomfortable, but also a little aroused as she gazed deeply into his eyes. “Now, could I ask you something else?” He said sure as something caught his throat. “What is it, about women, in general, you like most of all...say for instance your ex-girlfriend?”
He didn’t know how to answer her. “Was it…her personality? Was it…” and she lowered her voice to a sultry tone “her body possibly?” He wasn’t stunned but he felt…pressured to answer her. She didn’t smile any more then she had. Her voice didn’t change too much but he could feel a presence about her that made him…want her… Yes, that was it…he felt he wanted her…madly almost terribly for some reason. “Is that it, maybe? You liked her for her…figure, her physique? Did she have a great figure?” Anise asked.
He gulped, again, and he even felt himself blushing. He didn’t know how to answer her at all and then she stood up. Anise happened to be wearing a dark sleeveless blouse. It was conservative but it did define her breasts somewhat, he thought. Due to the heat of course she had on a nice pair of shorts too. She looked spectacular in it but not too showy or sexy for that matter.
“Okay…so maybe that was not a good question?” she said.
She knew it. “No, no it’s fine” he came back. “In fact, to be honest with you” and he again gulped “she sort of looked…a little like…you.”
“Me, really… You’re teasing?” she said, a grand smile forming on her face. “Not me. Really…you mean that?”
“Actually…yes I do to be honest” he said as his eyes floated from her face, over her full breasted upper body, and on down past her tummy and then the rest of her body. Back to her face, he smiled, and then he said. “Honestly, she does.”