Awards Academic

“And here are the best scholars here in the league for cheerleading” announced the city’s Director of Academics. One by one, the first five walked out to receive their award.
My eyes opened wide. Jesus, I thought. Jesus, I said to myself again. I don’t know what my buddy was thinking but the first four girls, all seniors in fact and hopefully all 18 plus years of age too of course, were all dressed and wrapped up so tightly in their outfits that night that any guy looking at them could have almost developed a boner due to what they wore.
The announcer said some other things. We weren’t listening. My friend and I, although not speaking to each other at the moment, watched as the awards were being passed out to both players and cheerleaders in the league. Wow yeah, I thought, those first four cheerleaders. Damn, let me tell you the stories. Let me tell you about those outfits.

“Are you alright, Amber?”
“Oh uh yeah, sure?” she said.
“Your mom uh said you’ve been reclusive like all day. Have you?” I asked outright.
She shook her head and kind of looked down. “I don’t know. I just have things on my mind. That’s all.”
“We all get that way” I told her as I took one little step into her room. She looked up and then looked back down. “May I come in?” I said.
“Sure. I guess so” she replied.
She seemed to look cuter and cuter as we stood looking at each other but I think most of it was my hormones saying something to me in the back of my head. “Wanna talk about it?” I asked. At first she said no. “So what is it then that’s bothering you?” I asked. She was still looking down when she told me she didn’t know. “Girl problems?” I said.

He announced the first one. She started to walk out. In stilettos, 4 inches high at least, they had her calves and thighs doing things to a man’s eyes no pair of shoes could do. Your eyes trailed up those calves, followed by some shapely flesh which wouldn’t quit, and all of a sudden you saw her skirt. And that skirt, well that skirt was so damn tight around her thighs and hips, it seemed she was advertising herself on a runway. It seemed she was yelling at you. “Hey boys, this crotch, my pussy is soooo open for business. Wanna come meet me somewhere? Wanna come and pull down my panties honey? Do you because I want you to. Oh god honey I sure want you to.”
And as far as the tops or blouses were concerned, well none of them had them unbuttoned too low of course. I mean, their parents were there. The daughters couldn’t come out showing off any cleavage could they? Mommy or daddy would say something prior to them walking out in front of 3500 to 4500 people, wouldn’t they? How those blouses fit around them, well they surely showed everyone they were in the best physical condition a man wanted them to be in.
Soooo hmmm where did it lead me? You just have to know, right. I’m smiling while sitting here, wondering what to do about these feelings I had for one or two of them. Nah, I’m too old, I thought. Nah, no I’m not. I shrugged my shoulders and thought, as I stood up, and then looked at myself in the mirror. I turned all around. No. No I am not out of shape. I’m still a really good looking guy, I thought. At 39, these girls were that, and I emphasize much younger then me, were they? Oh come on now. I’m a good looking guy. I’m a sales rep, a marketing rep for a national company. I keep my own hours. I have the ability to do it all, or so I think I do.
“Hey Jack” he said. “Hey, we’re having a party this weekend. Bring someone along and join us, alright?”
We are and have been friends for a long time. We talked and while we talked all I thought about was her, his daughter, and how she looked out on that floor in that outfit. God, what a pervert I’d become since getting divorced a few years back. Wow, is that all I think about? Damn, am I the only one thinking about her?
I don’t know and wish I didn’t but I was had and continued to think about her. I thought about her all the god damn time too. And now? Well now here I was, pulling up to their house. All I envisioned was her in that blouse, that tight blouse and her tits. Not only did I see that, I saw the tightly wrapped skirt hugging her hips as if it were her last day on earth. It showed a finely tuned waist, slim and slim could be. I envisioned her naked breasts, again, and I finely saw her pussy in my mind. Mmmmm, smooth, real smooth, and shaved so darn close that your tongue slid on it as if it were ice and you couldn’t balance yourself at all.
I smiled as I got out of the car, carrying with me a bottle of Champaign. Inside finally, I said hi to everyone who was there, and also looked around for Amber, their daughter. Oh yeah, Amber, and her whole intriguing body. All of it and I mean every last morsel of it too. Hair, eyes, lips. Neck, shoulders, and yes those succulent young breasts of hers. Yes, her swerving shapeliness as her waist slims down and then that jutting of her amazingly beautiful hips. Mmmmmm, yeah those hips, as well as her wonderful and fantastic ass, and then her legs. Ideas and fantasies began forming inside my mind. Where is Amber? Where is that sweet little sexy bitch I so want to fondle and show what life is all about in the sack?
I socialized and as I did, I looked around. I wanted to ask where she was. She was probably back in her room with her friends doing whatever friends do. Who knew what that was? For all I knew, she could be getting naked with them, and they could be getting it on together. Maybe some lesbian or bi-sexual like thing. Who knew but I kept looking.
“Hi Jack” I heard.
It was Maggie, Amber’s mom. Another woman, if not married, I’d jump on and do it with. Pretty as they come, she was not flashy, she was not showy, but she was sweet and protective of her husband and children.
“How are you?” she said as we hugged.
As usual, we hugged for a long time. We always liked each other and our hugs were always friendly ones but like I said earlier, I’d easily get it on with her, if she wasn’t married.
“So what have you been up to? Didn’t really see you at the game” she went on to add.
I told her I was there and it was neat to see Amber get that reward.
Then I asked where Amber was at. “Ohhh, probably up in her room, alone I guess,” Maggie said. “She seemed upset about something. I don’t know.”
Hmmm, Maggie didn’t know what it was and Amber wasn’t discussing it at all. For whatever reason, it made me wonder. How close was I to Jack and Maggie and the rest of the family? The party went on. I talked to some other people I knew and finally and behind everyone’s back I escaped the trappings of the party and started looking around. Noticing that almost everyone was outside and that the weather seemed nice as well, I made my way to the stairs, but looked around once again to make sure I was in the clear.
Nope, I said to myself, everyone is outside, and so I walked upstairs, cautiously. At the top, I looked both ways of the hallway. Only one door was closed. I walked down it. I slowed then stopped at what I thought was her door. I listened. Nothing. Complete silence. I knocked. Nothing. I knocked again.
“Yes?” I finally heard. It was Amber’s voice. “Can I help you?” she said.
Now what should I say? “Amber? It’s uhhh Jack. Jack Tremble.”
”Oh umm hi Mr. Tremble.” I heard rustling as if she was moving around in her bed. “Umm, hold on, okay?”
I said okay. Then her door opened up and she wore a look which said to me she was confused about something. I looked at her. God she was as attractive as they came. She wore shorts and a t-shirt and she certainly didn’t look as “explosive” as she did the other night when she came out to receive her award. Still, I knew. I knew how sexy that body looked and lay beneath those clothes she had on. Yep, I knew. And still I was ready to say it anyway.