Vampires Kiss

I walked down the crowded section of Bourbon Street and tried to remember where my hotel was. Mardi Gras had been exhausting and my friends seemed to have left me assuming I knew the way back to the hotel. Which I had no clue as to its location. I looked around the people who still crowded the street even into the early morning hours. These were the people who did not care to go home until the last drop of darkness was consumed by the sun. For worry they would be donned a "party pooper". I began to look around in hopes of seeing one of my friends or perhaps a police officer. I saw no one I knew and decided it would be better to keep walking until I got off of this party street and into an area where I could think clearly. I pulled my coat tight around me and started to walk down the street briskly. It was a chilly night for the Party Capital of Louisiana, and I just wanted to get back to the warm hotel room and take a hot shower and then fall into bed beside Luke, my boyfriend and hopefully soon to be fiance. I dodged the drunken crowd continued down the street. 

 He was headed toward me and I suddenly felt frightened. What if he hurt me, i wondered. My heart started beating a little faster and I turned back around and started walking again, listening to his footsteps move closer to me. I felt my heart hammering in my chest and I knew that I was in danger, there was something not quite right with the way the man was closing in on me. I walked faster still and when I felt his cold hand on my arm I started to scream but no sound came out. I heard his deep rumble of laughter fill my ear and I knew that he was going to kill me. I felt the tears start to gather in the corners of my eyes and I felt my breathing start to come in short panicky gasp. " will be alright, my love." What? Was I hearing things? Did this guy just call me "his love"? What did he want with me? I knew that I had to put up some sort of a fight or I would be dead in a matter of minutes, so it was my only chance. I started to throw my body this way and that way to try to throw him off balance and give me a chance to run from my "enemy in the night". I felt so weak and helpless as I felt my body twist and turn, but his held perfectly still and it seemed almost as if he were enjoying my little show of terror. I ceased my movements and fell against him, exhausted by my fight for freedom.

The crowd finally thinned out and soon the loud shouts from many tourist and residents of New Orleans were nothing but a faint sound blowing in the wind. Suddenly I felt chill and I pulled my short blue jean jacket closer around me as I continued toward the direction I thought the hotel was in. I heard the sound of footsteps behind me and turned to see a man heading toward me. He moved like a shadow on the wall. Silently and smooth.

 He picked me up and carried me in his arms as if I were a child. He looked down at me then and my heart skipped a beat for his face was nothing other than pure raw sexuality. He looked like a man that could demand sexual release from a woman with just one look. I felt an odd sense of floating as he carried me down the street into a dark ally in between some historic looking buildings. He sat me on a brick stairway leading to a rusty looking door and I saw my chance to run, full panic taking hold of me once more. I felt my legs go out from underneath me as he scooped me up in one arm. I knew then that I would not escape this man, with his strength. I heard a click of a lock and he carried me into the dark building. He put me down on the floor but held a firm grip on my arm as he lead me down a dark hallway. I felt compelled to follow him. I was scared but my curiosity was rapidly beginning to take its place. His grip loosened on my arm and he let go of me. He continued ahead without a word or a backward glance. I followed him down the dark hallway until he stopped at a door. He opened the door and looked at me expectantly before entering. I followed behind him, and knew I was leading myself to death. But, I could not help the feelings that flowed through me in waves of curiosity. I stepped into the candle lit room and took in the antique furniture that was scattered among the room in a tasteful fashion. My eyes widened at the sight of him sitting on the bed before me in his black slacks and black button down. His dark hair and crystal blue eyes were only the accessories to his beautiful masculine face. He held an air of sexuality like no other man I had ever encountered.It was like he demanded it. I heard the door shut gently behind me. He pushed up from the bed and gently strode toward me as if I was his prey. I could see the way his eyes narrowed as he neared me and I felt the fear return. He laughed at me then," You know you want me. Its like this with everyone. Just let it happen." He started to circle me and I quickly looked for an exit. I realized that this man must be crazy. He was circling me as if he were about to play a game with me. I had to get out. He grabbed my hair and tugged gently to make me look up at him. His piercing blue gaze had chills spreading through my body and I looked away, shamed at the sudden image rushing through my head. A picture of myself spread out on a satin sheet. My nipples hard and his head between my legs. the image vanished as his deep voice caressed my ear,"Don't be frightened. I give just as much pleasure as you will be giving me." His hand came up to caress my cheek and I flinched at the cold touch. My nipples instantly perked up through the blouse I wore underneath my jacket. " I will not hurt you, ma cherie." I looked up at him and whispered, trying to keep the fear from my voice," What are you going to do with me then?" He stepped away from me and looked at me with amusement. " I will show you." In an instant, faster than my brain could process, he was pressing up against me and undoing the button on the jeans that I wore. His skilled fingers quickly released the button and he guided my jeans down my legs. I froze with complete terror at first and then began to struggle as he began to remove the jeans from me. He held me with a strength I hadn't thought capable of a human. I was no competition for him and I gave up the struggle. I quickly covered myself with my hands. He looked up at me," What are you doing? You know that you want this." I looked down at him and saw the gleam of light flickering off of a pair of fangs that had slid down from his mouth. I started to panic. Vampire! My brain completely lost all reasoning with reality. How could this be? I felt him moving my hands away from my sex and then I felt his mouth close over my pussy. His tongue darted in and out of my slit. I felt chills rushing through my body and I strained upward to him. I know longer cared if I was in any danger, all 

 Sometime later...I opened my eyes and squinted at the harsh light that intruded my eyes. I felt someones tongue moving around on my pussy and I looked down at the man that had kidnapped me for his sexual pleasure. He was looking at me as his tongue darted in and out of me. I felt the chills come over me once again and I pushed him away and stood up. "Don't worry ma cherie, you are immortal now and you will not die. After tasting your sweet pussy I could not let you die. I want to taste it whenever I want to." I turned to look at him," Well, then what are you waiting for?" I fell down in the chair next to the bed and spread my legs wide. He was there in an instant, licking my pussy with pure raw passion. I held his head there and waited until he brought me to climax because after he did that, he would let me ride his face again. Forever how long I wanted. After all, I was immortal....all the time in the world.

I knew is that I wanted this man to eat my pussy until I could not take any more. I pressed his face into my cunt and grind his face. I felt warm liquids oozing from my slit and I pushed all of my weight down on him trying to push him to the floor. He seemed to know what I wanted and fell back easily. I sat on his face and rubbed my cunt all over his face," Stick out your tongue," I heard myself say in a voice I did not recognize.I felt him push his tongue up into my tight pussy and I started to fuck his tongue. I rode him hard and fast. He was gently licking my slit as I fucked him and I knew that I was about to come. I felt wave after wave of pleasure passing through me and I never wanted it to end. I landed on the floor beside him and he picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bed, gently fingering my pussy as he did. It was like he was doing me a big favor. I felt like the world had been cast out for a moment and he was giving me a glimpse of pleasure so great that it couldn't be real. He lay me down on the bed and spread my legs wide. "I want to taste you again. I must," his head dipped between my legs once more and he began gently suckling my clit. I felt the chills return with a force so great I thought I would faint from the pleasure that was spiraling toward me. It was like he was French kissing my pussy and I felt faint from it. He lifted his head and looked at me like he hated me. I could see pure hatred flowing out of every pore in him. But it quickly vanished and I felt the fear returning slowly. He began eating me out again and I tried to pull his head away. " Whats the matter? Would you rather ride my face once more, my love? Grind this tight pussy all over my face?" He was running his fingers up and down my slit slowly and I felt warm liquids pouring out of me. I felt his fingers pressing into me and I gently started to fuck his fingers. "Ah, I knew you wanted more. He picked me up and flipped over onto his back and sat me on his face. He grabbed my hips and rubbed my pussy all over his face once again. I started to fuck his face slowly at first and then I bucked against his open mouth faster and faster until I exploded once again. He lifted me off of him and lay me down on the bed. He quickly removed his shirt and then mine. He straddled my shoulders and let the length of his cock that he had freed from his trousers slide along my lips. My tongue darted out to lick him and he sucked in his breath and closed his crystal eyes. "Your breath is so warm. Mortal breath. I can never get enough." He pushed his cock into my mouth and grabbed the back of my head, gently fucking my mouth. He grunted with each slow erotic stroke he made. I loved the feel of his cock pumping in and out of my mouth. He pulled out of my mouth and moved between my legs. He spread my legs wide and without warning started to fuck me hard and fast. Everything seemed to blend together. The walls, the candles, the vampire above me. I realized that his fangs were lodged in my neck. I started to scream but he continued sucking the life out of me. The pain dissipated after a while and I felt pleasure running through me. I was completely relaxed. I could no longer fill the man above me moving inside me. I could see the hungry look in his eyes as he lifted his head and looked down at me. He was still pumping into my wet pussy as I tried to reclaim reality once again. I felt the darkness slowly fading over me and I went down with it without a fight.