The Woods Fight Back

The woods and forests of the worlds have shared a special bond with humans. For millions of years the people of earth have made their home in the woods and hunted her animals for food. And humans protected the forests from fire. This need for each other for the most part was harmonious. At first very few people abused the relationship. However over time, people started to take the woods and forests for granted.
After years and years of torment, the forests and woods started to get frustrated and upset. People were killing off forests for nothing; they were littering, as well as starting fires instead of stopping them. Finally the woods have had enough; they wanted to get revenge........Tammy was camping at a park with a few of her and her boyfriend Paul's, friends; Tom and Rachel. Tammy was not athletic, however she was no couch potato either. At 5' 6" and 135 pounds, she had a very attractive figure, and her breasts were rather large (38D). She was dating Paul for a little over a year. They met while finishing up their senior year at college studying Communications. Tom and Rachel were their best friends and the two couples enjoyed each other's company.
Tom, Paul and Rachel were swimming in a lake not far from a hiking trail they were walking on. The weather was around 80 and lots of sun, so the cool water was refreshing. Tammy wasn't ready for the water just yet; she wanted to go exploring more. She told the group she was going up the trial more and would be back within 20 to 30 minutes.
About half a mile up the trail, Tammy found a small clearing, a great spot to sit and rest for a minute. While sitting against a tree, Tammy was noticing her surroundings. There were many older mature trees around; maples, oaks, pines, as well as some wild grape vines growing in the distance.
Tammy was still hot even after sitting for a few moments so she reached around her back and unclasped her bra. Her breasts swung free from her body and she giggled for a few seconds. She then took her bra off without taking her tank top off. Tammy looked down at herself for a moment and though to herself how erotic she looks with her tank top on and no bra. Her tits were hanging out of each side of the tank top about half way. With these thoughts running through her mind, Tammy starting to get that warm wet feeling in her pussy. Now would be a good time to turn around and join him in the lake for a fuck in the water.

What Tammy couldn't see was a huge vine, perhaps 2 1/2- 3 inches in diameter moving towards her opened legs. But what Tammy couldn't see she soon felt as the vine started to fuck her. Her body was moving trying to fight the waves of pleasure and fear washing over her. Her body betrayed her. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second from the branch that was impaled in her vagina. Her nipples could cut glass, they were so hard.
Within minutes, Tammy grunted and moans as an orgasm trembled through her. Vines covered her mouth preventing her cries and screams from being heard. After the few minutes has passed, as quickly as the vines attacked, they disappeared without a trace. Shaken and confused, Tammy walked back to Paul, Tom and Rachel. Tammy tried to explain what had happened, but no one seemed to believe her. 

Tammy stood up and started to walk back to where the rest of the group was. She reached into her jean cut-off shorts and pulled out a piece of gum. Without thinking after she put the piece in her mouth, she threw the wrapper on the ground, and continued walking. This was the final straw for the Woods. Seeing a young girl like that just throw a piece of paper on the ground was horrible, and showed that there was a lack of respect.
The woods thought for a moment, and decided to get even with Tammy, and to show her the same lack of respect she had shown it. With that, the grapevines started to grow, and grow it had. Within seconds, The vines stretched and reached out to grab Tammy.
Tammy not looking in the direction of where the grapevines were did not know what was happening behind her. Suddenly while taking a step, her right leg would move, something was holding it back. She looked down and in amusement she saw grapevines twisting around her ankle. She looked at her left leg and was shocked to find vines entangling that one as well. Suddenly, she was pulled down on the ground.
While down on the ground the vines dragged Tammy back to the clearing. More vines started to encase both wrists. Slowly, both hands were drawn apart and strapped to trees nearby. Still in shock at what was happening, Tammy was not paying attention as her legs were spread way apart. However, when a vine wrapped itself around her leg and made it's way to her cut-off shorts and panties. Within about a minute of moving back and forth, the vine was able to cut off the shorts and panties and it quickly ripped them from her quivering body. Another vine made its way into Tammy's shaking breasts. The grapevine circled her right breast and each time it circled the tip touched her nipple. Subconsciously, her pussy started to get wet.