The Woods Fight Back

“Rude Awakening In The Big City” Hello, My name is molly, I’m a 19 years old college student looking for work. I have straight blondish brown hair and fair skin with really green eyes. I’m real short :-( about 5’1” or so. I’ve been told I’m pretty, my measurement are anything but normal though. The last time I actually took measurements I was 32B-20-34. I was in gymnastics for several years, which does things to ones body shape. I quit my gymnastics training a year and half ago and have started to fill out alot more, my old B cup is now a full C, and my butt is little rounder or something. I grew up in a small town in Kansas, a small town girl. I wasn’t particularly wild growing up, a few barn parties. The town I grew up in was an old town, not many people my age, so I had virtually no dates or boyfriends.

 he chuckle as he sticks he hand against my now bare stomach, running his hand up and underneath my bra, feeling my nipples, cupping each. My head is spinning with shock...this strange man is feeling me!! He is playing with my breast and there is nothing I can do about it. I’m powerless, even though there is tons of people just a few feet away.

 My sexual experiences existed, but not by very much. Most, if not all of my “sex life” came to existence when I moved to the city to go to college, 18 monthsago. So now that you know something about me, let me tell you about my rather harrowing day that occured last week. I’m at the park. I’m being quiet and reading a book under a tree.There are lots of people around, families mostly kids playing with their parent etc. I have just had a big job interview, so I am dressed up, a suit jacket with a long skirt and blouse and my hair is pinned up. I put my book down and stand up and start walking to the restroom, its one of the men on one side, women on the other, that looks like a little concrete house. I have trouble walking through the uneven grass because of my heels, but I make it. I walk into the door, its kind of dark but the walls don't go all the way up, so the sun is coming through the grating and I can see good enough to find the light switch. I flip it on and go to the mirror to check my lipstick, I can hear the people talking and kids playing just a few feet away on the other side of the wall. I’m picturing the seen in my mind, when the light in the room suddenly go dark. I look around quickly, but its all shadowy and my eyes are adjusting when I see a dark shadow moving very fast. I only manage a startled gasp, before big rough hands push me against the sink and mirror, bending me over the porcelain sink and against the wall. I feel a metallic sharp object pressed against my throat has a deep voice tells me to "shut up bitch or I’ll cut your slut throat" I’m too stunned to breath let alone yell for help. he pressing his body hard against mine to make sure I don't move and then I feel his other hand start to move around my waist. I don't realize what’s happening until that hand darts under my jacket and grabs both my breast with a hard suddenly hits me what he is here for!!! A "noooooo" escapes my lips, only to have a big dirty hand clamp across my mouth..."do you wanna die, whore?!! ya!!!" he growls. I shake my head no as tears well up in my eyes. "then I better not hear a word" He press the sharp object against my throat and removes his hand from my mouth ... moving it back down to my breasts, he feel them and squeezes them, one at a time. then suddenly he rakes his hand down my blouse, ripping off all of the buttons, tearing the fabric down the side.

 He tells me "to take off that stupid, fucking jacket" I resist, I’m not going to HELP him!!! but a painful slap of his hand on my butt brings more tears to my eyes and before I know it, I am actually taking off my jacket for THIS MAN. As soon as my jacket falls to the ground he once again presses me hard against the cold sink, his hand runs up to my neck and I stiffen up, fearing the worse when he grabs the back of my silk blouse and pulls hard downward, ripping the blouse completely off my body. he wraps his fingers around my pinned up hair and forces me to bend over further. I feel the knife removed from my throat and pressed against my back. "oh no, please" I beg, thinking I’m about to be killed with a stab in the back. The knife slides under my bra straps and then with a hard slash it cuts the elastic band. It snaps around and fall to the floor. He doesn’t wait at all, both of his hand grab my skirt at the waist band and yanks it down to the floor, taking my hosiery and underwear with it, leaving me standing there stark naked. Before I knew it, he was press against me again, telling me what a "nice ass I have for a dirty no good whore" and "what a tight pussy a prissy bitch like me must have." The insults come on and on, the entire time he was feeling my butt and breasts, biting my the back of my neck and shoulders painfully while he played. 

He laughs and crudely jabs a finger inside me. I instinctively try to close my legs, but he forces them even further apart as his finger moves inside me. He pulls it out quickly and starts spanking me again, this time with his hard dick. He stands and moves around I feel his naked body against me again and i prepared for more spanking, when I feel the hard tip or his dick poise against my hole. "No...god please don't... noooo" I cry as he pushes himself deeper and deeper inside me. I gasp as his hip collide with mine, his dick buried completely inside, he starts to thrust and release, in and out, 

The stranger starts to grind his hips against my back...pressing his hard member against me. Suddenly he stops ... we both hear people approaching the restroom, he hisses a warning and pushes the knife against my neck harder. The group of people pass harmlessly by the restroom door. "Time to go little bitch" he says as he picks me clear off the ground, kicking the rest of my hosiery and skirt from around my ankles, my shoes falling to the ground. I see daylight as he peeks out the door, then quickly he darts through the door, carrying me naked with him outside. We go down the side of the building and into another door. "Now then bitch, no guy is going to care whether I fuck a little slut like you in this john" he snarls He had moved us over to the guys side of the restroom. That’s when I see my captor for the first time...a dusty, just come from a construction site type guy, dressed in denim, black hair and hard looking. He kicks over the trash can and throws me straddle legged on top of it, I have to put my hands down quickly to keep from smashing my face on the floor, only my lower stomach and hips are draped on the can, I have to maintain a push-up or eat concrete. I can see the rectangle light from the door a few feet away... freedom so close, so far. I hear the rustle and zip of a his zipper and my heart races, near panic. I flinch as I feel his naked buttock press down on mine... he is sitting on me!!! what the heck? Then I receive my answer when his hand slaps my bare bottom...once, twice three times, it gets harder and the sounds louder each time, I grimace and he starts to add verbal insults to the spanking he gives me. He tells me how nasty and dirty I am, lots of slut, whore and bitches mixed in. The stinging is building up, I know my butt must be really red by now. He uses his much longer legs to force mine so far apart i’m doing the splits. He is facing my feet, sitting on my lower back spanking my butt and upper thighs...he starts cupping his hands, hitting between my butt cheeks, push air down between my egs...closer and closer I cry out as he slaps too far forward and his cupped hands sting my tender lips.