Tease group

I needed a vacation and a tropical island was the best remedy for the mid-winter blues. Any island would do, as long as it had warm, sandy beaches. So I booked a trip to Jamaica and before I knew it, I was on a plane headed south away from the snow and the cold.
My boyfriend Mike came with me and we left that day hoping for another great adventure.
I arrived pale, tired but excited about a week of nothing at an all-inclusive resort. All I had to do was eat, drink and get a tan.
Mornings were spent on the beach working on a tan. Most women there went topless so I followed custom and watched my large, beautiful breasts turn a deep brown. Swimming with hardly anything on was a delight in the warm Caribbean Ocean.
After lunch, I usually retired to the pool to read and take in the sights. I peered over my book at all the half-naked bodies swimming or lounging around the pool. Usually by the late afternoon, I would get incredibly horny watching all the flesh parade around. And it didn't matter if it was male or female. I was bi-sexual and was happy with my lifestyle.
Mike spent his days scuba diving or playing golf. We'd meet up in the late afternoon and usually had a good round of fucking before heading off to dinner.
After a few days I noticed a trio of women in their early 20's make their way to the pool. All three wore bikinis to show off their tanned, young bodies. I watched in interest as the flaunted their looks as they casually lay on their chairs. One girl in particular caught my attention. She was tall, with long slender legs, a nice firm ass and perfectly shaped breasts. Her hair was always in a ponytail. She knew she looked great as she sat there. men stared at her and tried to hide hard-ons in their swim trunks.
Her friends addressed her as Heather and I snickered at the trendy name.
It didn't take long for me to realize she enjoyed not only flaunting her looks, but teasing others as well. A couple of brave guys made meager attempts to talk to her, but she was always surrounded by her girlfriends so she just laughed coyly at their remarks and led them on. I could tell she wasn't spreading her legs for just anyone.
One by one, the guys gave up. I started feeling bad for them. Then I started feeling angry at they way she held court all afternoon. She thought she was something else sitting there, tossing her hair back and laughing emptily at the comments the guys made. Periodically she would look down and examine the way her bikini top covered her breasts and make adjustments. Usually it resulted in making her nipples harden a bit.
I started becoming obsessed watching Heather and felt she would make a good slave for Mike and I. I wondered how she would be once someone got her alone. Would she tease then? Or would she willingly submit. I realized the thoughts of it were getting me wet so I dove into the pool to cool off.
When I surfaced, I was nearby her little entourage. I floated around nearby to hear more of the empty conversations. Once I caught her looking at me, actually I felt like she was sizing me up. I laughed to myself because she had no idea what I was capable of. As I swam lazily around the pool I started to plot how I could get her alone. Wouldn't it be great to make her submit to me. She wouldn't know what hit her having another woman fuck her silly.

I slowly poured a drink of ice water and gulped it down. The ice didn't even have a chance to melt before I finished and set the glass down. I reached in and took a cube out of the glass and slowly slid it down along the side of her cheek. It left a trail of water as her skin was burning up from the sun and the struggling she had done previously. I continue to slide the ice down to her collarbone then across the top of her left breast. She shuddered at the sensation. I moved the ice cube down over the thin material that covered her breasts to her nipple. The coldness brought it to attention immediately and I saw it poking against the dress. Heather shuddered again and took a deep breath.
I took what was remaining of the ice cube and sucked it slowly in my mouth as I walked around her tied body, admiring the view.
"So, Heather, have you always been a tease?" I sneered.
She looked away from me and I laughed.

Just thinking about it made me so horny, I had to go to my room. Once inside, I stuck my fingers inside my bathing suit and rammed my fingers in my dripping pussy. As I pumped away, I fantasized putting my fingers inside Heather's tight little cunt and finger fucking her until she came all over my hand. In no time I was having a tremendous orgasm and while I felt my pussy spasm around my fingers I decided I was going to act it out.
When Mike got back I didn't tell him my plans - it was going to be a surprise. He decided to go out with some golf buddies so it gave me a perfect opportunity.
Later that night, I was hanging around the bar watching Heather hold court again. She was dressed in short halter-top style dress. She clearly had no bra on as her pert breasts were bouncing happily about whenever she moved. Her hair was down and swaying in the gentle breeze that night as she sipped a drink and laughed at friends' jokes, but no one else. I began to despise her a little more.
I continued to watch, keeping my drinking down so I would be ready for what I had planned. Everything was ready back in my room. I smiled at the thoughts of her tied down as I had my way with her.
I was also lucky - her room was a few doors down from mine. I knew by what was happening that she was going back alone. Her friends were less snobby than her and found a couple of guys to slip away with. But Heather was not having any of that - she would go back to her room by herself and shake her head at her friends.
Finally I saw her slip away and refuse a couple of offers to be escorted back to her room. I slipped away first and went to my room. I stood outside the door pretending to find my key. I heard her shoes make a soft scuffing sound as she came down the dimly lighted pathway. When I heard her get closer, I slumped against the door and moaned softly like I was sick.
She stopped and I could tell that she was appraising the situation. Did she want to help me or ignore me. I decided to move things along.
I half-turned to her and said softly, "Could you help me?"
"What's wrong?" she asked hesitantly.
"I-I get this key to work and I'm...ah...feeling a little sick..." I said weakly.
I almost heard her laugh as she replied. My hatred of her grew a bit more and I choked it back.
"Sure, I'll help you. Too much to drink?"
I nodded and moved aside so she could reach over and take my key. I got a scent of coconuts and something else, which I couldn't put, my finger on.
I let her get right against the door and I got behind her. As soon as the door opened, I pushed her inside and shut it quickly hoping no one saw what just happened. She turned around and gave me a glaring How-dare-you-look. In a split second, I had her pinned against the wall thanking all those long nights at the gym. I easily was much stronger than she was.
She struggled but continued to glare at me.
"Don't look at me that way, you stuck up little bitch."
"Fuck you", she spat.
I slapped her face. Hard. She went to scream and I clamped her hand over her mouth and forced her down on the bed. I turned her over on her stomach and reached for the silk rope I had there. In no time I was able to bind her hands together tightly. Rolling her over quickly, I found the gag I had bought that day and thanked the bondage gods that I had the foresight to bring my 'toys'. You never know what can happen on vacation.
I tied the gag around her mouth and stood back to admire my handiwork. She lay there panting and sweating. I could see fear creeping into her expression - all the anger was gone now. I smiled and turned up the air conditioner to cool off the room at bit.
"Ok, Heather, you must do what I say now. You are going to be my slave for the night and by tomorrow morning, you will be begging me for more."
She shook her head violently back and forth and I just laughed.
I dragged her off the bed and into a chair. I put her arms behind the back of the chair and proceeded to bind her ankles to the legs of the chair. She sat there looking fearful as I admired her taut body. Her breasts were forced to stick out and strain against the material of her dress. Her legs were open enough that I could see the crotch of her panties. This was going to be heavenly, I thought.