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It was about four on a Tuesday afternoon, Barbra and I where having a cup of tea in my lounge. We were comparing notes on our sex life, nothing heavy, just how often and how, that sort of thing. I did not notice but this was making me very randy. Apparently Barbra too.
Brian my husband walked in, home early from work. He stopped mid stride, looked both of us up and down.
“Someone is in heat, I can smell it!” He started to walk out leaving us both gasping for breath.
He stopped walking and turned back into the room, we both could see the front of his pants were bulging forward looking most uncomfortable for him.

He walked directly to me garbed the back of my neck pulled me to a standing position with one hand turned me with the other, marched me to the back of the loveseat we where sitting on and bent me over the back of the chair. Lifted my skirt pulled my panties down.

I was groping behind me to loosen his manhood but failing dismally.
“Barbra! Please take my pants down so I can service this woman.” Called Brian
I looked over to Barbra, a look of horror was on her face, but that did not stop her coming over as she was bidden.
She went behind Brian and reached around to his front, loosened his belt opened the button and removed his very stiff cock from its confines.
She held his member and guided it into me. I thought she would run off to her house and never return. But unknown to me she was removing her clothing as Brian, for want of a better word, banged me.
I felt his rhythm change and a new feeling. Barbra had hold of his tool between us and was trying to pull him out of me, of which she succeeded.
She bent herself over the chair and pulled Brian’s cock into her. By the look on her face she was climaxing from the first stock.
I heard a muffled scream from the door, turned to see Susie, our twenty five year old nanny to our three year old. Dressed in a maids uniform her hands where clasped to her mouth.
I started to walk over to her but found my progression hindered by my panties around my ankles. I reached down to remove them and went to Susie.
I pulled her into the room and tapped Brian on the shoulder.
“Can you manage another one?”
I got no answer he just pulled out of Barbra I bent Susie over the back of the couch opened her legs and tested her for wetness. Holding my husbands cock and guiding it into this young girl. I could see this pleased Brian, me holding him as I accepted this situation, but also been part of it.
Barbra was furious and once again pulled Brian’s dick out Susie. I took control and guided Brian’s member into Barbra.
The feeling of holding your mans stiff cock wet from another woman and placing it into your friends sopping hole, had me beside myself with lust. I needed a man in me NOW.
To keep Susie quite for the time been I put my fingers into her wet box.

I took Brian's hand and pushed two of his fingers into Susie.
He walked over and I dropped to my knees, pulled out his manhood that was fully soft. I put it into my mouth and found him growing in me in short order. When he was hard, I got him on the floor on his back and sat down on his very nice sized tool. I went straight to heaven, this is what I needed, a good fucking.
I did see Brian pullout of Barbra and reenter Susie. There was a gasp from Barbra.
“Stewart what are you doing here?”

But Stewart did not hear it and I did not loose a beat.
After what seamed like too short a time Stewart bucked beneath me, thrust his hips up as I pressed down on him. His climax shot deep and hot inside me, he came and came and came. Pure heaven. I could feel my cervix just soaking his cum into me. Delicious.

Stewart, Barbra’s husband was at the door. Barbra was getting fucked by my husband, Susie was ass up over the back of the couch and I had my fingers up her and my own cunt trying to control myself.
“Stewart come here and shut the fuck up!”

I opened my eyes and looked around. Brian, Barbra and Susie where back in their clothes looking at us.
Me still sitting on Stewart’s cock, my dress and underwear were missing in action. I did not know what to say or do. Susie broke the silence.
“Shall I put on the kettle for more tea?”
Brian handed me a hand towel to clean myself and Stewart as I got of his lap. I cleaned his now flaccid penis and wiped myself, put on my clothes as Barbra helped her husband put himself away.
We all sat down and drank tea as if nothing had happened.
Strange but true.......