Sharing Toy

Once when we talked about our fantasies we got into a very horny conversation, for me, about how Gemma would be naughty with another woman in bed. She introduced in my mind a picture of her having double ended dildo fun. When I asked her who she would take to bed, she gave me a few film and soap stars that she fancied. We had talked about these before so I wasn’t surprised by the women she mentioned but my mind, and my cock if I am honest, was stimulated by the idea of her with a double ended toy giving her pleasure. When she played with our favourite vibrators I liked to watch the expression on her face and often liked the idea of seeing that pleasured expression because she was been fulfilled by more than just me.

There is undoubtedly a voyeuristic side to my sensuality and I liked the idea of watching and masturbating whilst Gemma was enjoying her girl on girl, or even multiple girls, fun.

Time passed and we enjoyed the fantasy moment and to some extent it became forgotten.
Then one day, when one of Gemma’s friends Jodi came for lunch, it was very much catapulted back into the forefront of my mind. When Gemma introduced me to Jodi she had a familiarity about her. After a while, serving some drinks, it dawned on me that she had more than a passing resemblance to one of Gemma’s soap star fantasy characters. I had noticed but by her reaction Gemma had not picked up any recognition of a similarity. With her dark hair and quite lean body she did remind me of the Australian soap actress quite a bit but putting that to one side I offered to open a bottle of wine to help the girls enjoy their long awaited catch up.

Drinking other than at the occasional party, and especially during the daytime, was unusual but the wine flowed quite freely and I acted the attentive waiter, making sure they had a good time up in the lounge while I worked down in the kitchen. I could hear the volume picking up as the laughs and giggles permeated the air. Sounded like a good time was being had and the wine was more than taking effect.

Gemma came into the kitchen hugging me from behind and kissing my neck quite seductively. You ok? I enquired. Getting a bit wasted actually come a slightly slurred reply. Can you make us a few cocktails? I agreed. Vodka based alright? It was. After delivering a jug of ‘sex on the beach’ I retired again to the kitchen.
The laughing and chat continued and after a while I was visited again. This time the kiss was a little more passionate and accompanied by a hand sliding up and down my groin that was rewarded with an almost instant growing bulge as my cock strained against my jeans. Gemma laughed and then posed me an interesting question. Who do you think Jodi looks a bit like? I chose the diplomatic answer, knowing full well that she was a good likeness to one of Gemma’s fantasy ‘double- ender ‘girls.
Trying to look confused, she took pity on me and whispered in my ear the name of the soap. My cock continued its upward journey as she looked at me in a knowing way and giggled. Can we have some more drinks please and would you bring them up soon came the request.

I prepared the drinks, thinking about as many things as I could that would distract me from my fantasy, and then having settled myself down, took the latest flagon of drinks upstairs.
Looking uncomfortable I entered the room, trying to avert my gaze from the soap look alike in our house. A few drinks in the kitchen probably made my recognition worse than normal and the more I tried to think about how faint the resemblance might be, the more strong it seemed.

Don’t worry Paul Gemma exalted. We have been talking about lots of girly things all day and Jodi knows about some of our conversations about ‘certain’ women that I fancy. Taken slightly aback by the honesty of the conversation I smiled, relieved that I didn’t have to carry the burden of the reason behind the soap star linkage. Ah ok I mumbled, only to be equally shocked by the next part of the conversation.

We also talked about how great some of the toys I have are at making me orgasm. Be a darling and bring my Dolphin and Travel Rabbit down for Jodi to look at would you? This was hardly a request that I would refuse and was turned on by the thought of these girls talking so intimately about their sex toys and fantasies.
Returning as quickly as I could, as requested, I gave the Dolphin and Travel Rabbit to the girls.
The girls passed the toys between each other admiring the shapes and texture. Jodi twisted the base of the dolphin and touched the end of her finger with the toy and felt a twinge of delight. Taking it upward she gently placed it on the tip of her nose and recoiled slightly at the sensation. Mmmm.. not bad she said.
Travel Rabbit is just the best said Gemma. It is so powerful that it will have you cumming in seconds. Guaranteed! She passed the pink soft pink toy to Jodi to let her examine it more closely. And you just plug this into your car cigarette lighter thingy enquired a curious Jodi.

Needing no second prompting I hurried up to the bedroom and returned with the power supply. A few moment s later it was plugged in and connected up by the plug near the sofa. The switch flicked down and the toys slightly high pitched buzzing filed the room. Wow exclaimed Jodi, sounds powerful and recoiled as Gemma touched the tip of her nose with the thin pink vibrating ears. Oh my god that is awesomely strong come her startled response. I must get one next time I am in town.

A moments silence ensued after the switch, of the unimaginable pleasure giving, toy clicked off.

Before my desire to encourage her to use it now could break free from my discreetly controlled mouth Gemma uttered the offer that I had stifled. My heart raced at the suggestion and picked up another beat when Jodi said she might be tempted but felt too shy to start now. As my excitement began to plummet Gemma shocked me by prompting her to have a go.

Gemma smiled, told of how she had used it on a few occasions on a car journey but the best bit, she paused with a mischievous look on her face, is that we bought a power supply from a camping shop so we can use it indoors. An equally mischievous smile appeared across Jodi’s face. Really she uttered unconvincingly.
Yes. Go get it darling so Jodi can see how strong it is.

Coyly, with a slight blush appearing on her cheeks said she wasn’t sure how to use it and felt a bit nervous. I ‘ll go first then stated Gemma boldly. To my delight, taking the initiative Gemma flicked on the switch, laid back on the sofa thrusting her pelvis slightly upward. Taking the travel rabbit to the mound of her pussy thrust forward in her thin trousers she made contact with the fabric and instantly let out a pleasurable groan. She removed the buzzing toy a few millimetres away from her trousers and looked across at Jodi and then me. See how powerful that is, even through some clothes Gemma confidently advertised the toy.
Jodi shuffled more closely to Gemma on the sofa and swallowed nervously, biting her bottom lip with an inquisitive look on her face. I stood in the room watching in admiration of my sexy wife and her boldness founded in her sexual urges. My own sexual urges evident as my cock strained to escape my jeans. Please don’t stop yet softly pleaded Jodi and Gemma obliged by returning the buzzing toy to the fabric of her trousers but this time pushing the toy harder into the lips of her pussy, eyes closing in delight. Jodi placed her hand on Gemma’s shoulder and snuggled up close so she could sense her increased breathing as the toy stimulated her through her trousers.
I moved forward and sat on the sofa in the space opposite Jodi, equally enthralled at what was unfolding before us. I kissed Gemma passionately and by her soft kissed response realised how turned on she was by the wine and cocktail fuelled exploration. Wondering what response I would get I reached down and pulled at the drawstring chord that fastened the white trousers at the waist. No rebuke came.
I looked across at Jodi and our eyes met in understanding. Taking my lead Jodi reached across and after a brief fumble undid the button that held the waistband closed. Still no rebuke and the toy hummed mercilessly. The trousers now loose from their main fastenings we both gently tugged at the waistband and the buttons that remained surrendered their grip exposing Gemma’s belly and the thin material of her knickers.