Seed Demon

Years ago they raged war on God and lost. With defeat they lost their homes, their wings, and their immortality. The Paragons, former angels now demons, were exiled to the darkest depths of hell.
Once they became mortal they lost their angelic figures and, almost at random, started to for their own individual characteristics. Some became hideous monsters; some became shape shifters, and some parasites that could not live outside of hell without a host body.
Their new bodies also determined their sex, as some became males and others became females. The female Paragons wanted nothing to do with sex. The very idea disgusted them and they had to kill several males to make their statement.
The males, on the other hand, couldn’t control their libido. When they weren’t planning on raging another war against the forces of God, the males went to the physical world and raped human females to satisfy their sexual appetites. None of the sexual encounters produced any offsprings.
The two sides are incompatible with each other and there is no known instance of a Paragon successfully impregnating a female.
The demon Vinn didn’t care because he wanted a child. After trying to overthrow Lucifer form the throne of Deus of Hell, Vinn was kicked out of Hell. He, a hideous monster, now wanders the shadows of the earth and waits.
Vinn believes in the old demonic prophecy of Khojana. Khojana is said to be the antichrist, the son of Hell. It is said that Khojana is a half-human half-demon that unite the Paragons and lead them on one last time against the forces of God. Vinn believes the prophecy will come true and he will be the father of Khojana. He continues to rape women of all kind. He is not picky of who receives his demonic seed from the standard high school girl to an elderly woman. He will not stop until Khojana is conceived and this is his story.
There she was that fucking bitch. I’ve been watching her and I have chosen her to be the mother of my child, Khojana. She will be the mother of the savior of my people. She doesn’t know it yet, but she will.
I watch her as she gets out of her car and I can see that she is wearing just a plain t-shirt and jeans. I wanted to run out of the shadows, rip her clothes, rape her in every orifice, and then cum again all over her face. However, I knew that I had to take my time. I couldn’t let anyone see, couldn’t let anyone know. Her and I were about to share the most pleasurable intimate moment and I couldn’t let anyone ruin it for us.
I waited in the shadows and watched her walk from the car and enter the house. I waited for five minutes and looked around. She lived in a nice house in a nice part of town, but I couldn’t take any chances of being seen. Then I quickly, but quietly, ran to her car and waited. Her lights were out which meant that she was in bed.
My cock was the stiffest it had ever been and my pre-cum was literally dripping to the ground. I immediately ran to the backyard and looked around. There had to be some way that I could get inside the house without making any noise. Then I saw that her basement window was open. Was this some kind of cheesy horror movie? This was too easy.

I quickly took my demonic cock and didn’t dare stoke it. I didn’t want to cum early and wanted to save every single drop for her. I slowly approached her and I very carefully taker off her panties. I throw the panties on the floor and I very carefully get on top of her. This is it; this bitch was going to feel pleasure and pain simultaneously and was going to love it.

I quietly slid through the window and actually closed it for courtesy. A demon showing some manners?
She is going to be the mother of my child so I might as well start being nice to her. I quietly make my way through the basement and up the stairs. I opened the door and looked around. I was in the kitchen and started the hunt. I went through the living room, the bathroom, a guest room, until I finally found her room.
She was so sweet and looked delicious as she slept with no covers. I could clearly see why I had chosen her. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and her huge breasts were clearly visible. She was only wearing a white t-shirt and white cotton panties. My pre-cum was now like a silent river as if I was taking a piss on her bedroom floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were clearly visible through the shirt.

Suddenly I thrust all of my huge demonic cock into her unwilling pussy.
That woke her up and she was about to scream until her mouth was assaulted with mine and gave her the kiss out of this world. After the kiss she relaxed and an expression of intense pleasure on her face. I began to violently thrust her with such power and passion not seen in this world.
She was immediately wet and did not resist when I tore off her shirt and began licking and sucking on her huge tits. They were so delicious and I couldn’t get myself to stop.
I could tell that she was having several intense orgasms, but I didn’t stop the violent thrusts. In fact the thrusting became more intense, if that was even possible.
“Yeeeessss youuuuu litttttle bbbbitch!’ I hissed. It was the only thing I could say at the moment.
Then it hit me. No human male will ever feel this as the perfect orgasm swept through me like a bolt of electricity. I immediately began to cum inside the bitch. I kept thrusting and cumming. She didn’t make a sound and she didn’t have to. The intense pleasure had put her in a semi-catatonic state as my thrusting and cumming continued.

This child is no Christ, for he is not endorsed by God, and has no soul. Your child is Khojana, savior of those who been neglected by God and wish to take back all that they have lose. The old king is gone and this new messiah will march the forces of Hell into the gates of Heaven in victorious fashion. For this child was born form sin and the seed of an agent of Hell. He will not fail.”
The woman looked around and saw several demons surrounding her bed, rubbing their cocks. Her pussy was very dry and understood what she was in for. You can’t experience the pleasures of Hell without experiencing the torture and suffering.

After God only knows, I stopped. The last of the cum emptied from my dick and I slowly got off her. I collapsed on the floor and couldn’t believe it. This was more intense than any of the other rapes. Those bitches didn’t appreciate me, but she did. At that moment, I knew she was carrying my child. There was nothing left to say because we both knew. She had experienced the pleasures of and pain of Hell and I experienced the pleasures of her body.
I got up slowly and walked away. I knew that I would visit her again because she was the mother of my child. She was the mother of Khojana, the savior of my people. I couldn’t imagine what she was thinking at this very moment.
The woman was in a deep sleep, as a result of the demonic rape. Even thought she had experienced the pleasures of Hell in that encounter, she still had to experience the pain of Hell. Her dream would take care of that.
She is sitting in a bed in a dark black void. At the end of the bed she sees an old woman in cloak with a bloody crucifix in one hand and a dead child by the hair in the other. The woman stares at her with pure black eyes and says the following:
“ Do not be frightened for this moment was captured in the annals of history. Every woman has the ability to carry a child, for this is the gift and curse brought unto by God. Long ago, God gave a virgin a chance to carry a child. That child was God’s son. You now have the chance to carry a child of Hell. Does this ring a bell? Are you a believer in the world beyond your senses? Do you believe in the world that establishes a new understanding relationship between the mind, the soul, and the scientific facts that lie before us? If so, you wish to know your child will soon be born in this world, but will serve another.