Party Orgasm Birthday

Everyone these days has kids or are to busy to keep up the weekend parties we used to have, so we have decided that once a month everyone will get together and celebrate all b-days in that month. If this month is a sign of times to come we are going to have alot of fun.
When we showed up everything was going as usual, playin pool, casual talk and just havin fun. We gave our gifts out and one that I had received was a new swimsuit for this summer. Not to brag but I think my body is very nice and I offten get hit on alot (it makes some of the other girls we go out with jelous once in a while). So hubby told me to go try it on and show it off. When I was in the bedroom, the host's wife and another friend of our came in when I was only wearing the bikini bottom and the top was hanging around my neck.
Keep in mind that by the time this was going on I had already had a few drinks as feeling pretty good and when we all get together and feeling good, no one is afraid of anything and we get pretty frisky, but nothing extreme has ever happened (until now).
When the first wife came in she commented how thin I am and said she had offten wondered how I am in the sack. This caught me totally off guard, but not as much as when she walked up to me and placed the warmest, most sensual kiss on my lips. The other wife had gone behind me, reached around and found my now rock hard nipples. She then whispered in my ear "We have another surprise for you".
She then placed a blindfold over my eyes and they each took my hands and lead me to another room, not wearing a top and only the bottoms that tie on the sides. I thought we were going to onther bedroom or something, but no when they told me to step up, then lie down, I felt the cold glass of the kitchen table under me. This made my whole body shiver and my nipples grow even harder, but when my hands and ankles were tied, this made me think.

 It was the most exciting moment of my life. tatsting my first pussy. I felt a pair of hands sliding up the inside of my thighs urging me to open them. I felt some one grab my ankles, lift them up and spread my legs wide open. I could feel both of my holes open up but I didnt think anything would go where it did.
I could feel that cold fake cock being pressed into my ass. I moaned and tried to scream but the face sitter only pulled my head tighter into her pussy as she started to shake and quiver. As my wet pussy was still dripping from my cum it coated my ass hole so there was no need to lub it up and the fake cock slid right inside me. I was almost crying and screaming into the pussy on my face which must have felt good for her because she kept cumming as it ran into my mouth.
I have to go masturbate right now because I am so wet again, more to cum later...

Trying to protest to this, I felt the same lips on mine again and a whisper in my ear "You have have flirted and teased enough, it's our turn now." I felt the ties on my bottoms being fumbled with and pulled from under me. This left me totally naked on the table. When I heard some voices gathering around me I started to get alittle nervous until I felt a pair of lips on one of my nipples. Being aroused already feeling this not and not knowing who or what sex it was made me almost cum right there.
Then I felt lips and hands all over my body, but none touching my womanhood, until I felt a finger nail flicking my clit now so hard it hurt. Putting 2 and 2 together by the feel of the nail I guesed it was another woman. My head was high enough on the table that when I felt something rubbing my lips mouth almost automaticly opened and a rock hard cock slid into it. Just as I closed my lips around it something slid into my now dripping wet pussy. I realized that neither end was being filled with my husband due to the fact that he whispered into my ear "How do they feel" my pussy I figured was being filled with a dildo because it was to cold to a mans cock, but then I felt hips between mine.
A different set of lips were placed onto mine for a moment when they broke away a woman said "I have always wanted to fuck you" OMG I came all over the fake cock right there and I heard someone say shes cummin all over your table. This went on for about half an hour when I felt the cock that had been put back in my mouth start to throb. I have never let anyone cum in my mouth, not even my husband, but i could not fight it and he started to shove it deeper in my mouth. As he shoved deeper so did the dildo in my pussy and we both came at the same time and I think she did to because I could feel her shaking on top of me.
With a sudden hush over the room I was untied and lead off, thinking this was over I was laid on a bed. Then I felt a pair of legs stradle my shoulders and a wet musty pussy was placed right over my mouth. I have never tasted another womans pussy before so I was hesitant at first but she pulled the blindfold off me, grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to her.