Of My Life The Best Sex

When my mother dropped me off at Andy's house I had no idea what was in store for me that day.
I walked in, as I usually do. Everything seemed normal around the house but when I walked into Andy's room I saw another girl.
Me and Andy have been dating for about a year. We've been really good friends for about four years, so it just seemed natural when we started dating. I'm really turned on by girls but this Gwen chick had to go.
I go to school with her and we've never really been that great of friends but she has always had a crush on Andy. I never thought I'd find her in his room!
"What the hell is that thing doing in here, Andy?" I ask as soon as I walk in.
"Oh, hey, Lynn. Gwen and I were just hanging out a little. Ya know? Waiting for you to get here. I wanted to try something new with you, baby." Andy said, "I know how turned on your are by girls and by my cock, so I thought we'd have a three-way today because damn, you bitches are hot."
Gwen started sucking Andy's ear. She was moving her ass around in the air a lot. My panties were starting to get wet.
I never said Gwen wasn't hot and didn't have a nice ass.
Damn I wanted to lick her pussy. I bet it tastes great.
"Come here, baby. Sit on my lap," Andy said.
I walked over and straddled him. Gwen put her legs around my waist.
"Lynn, you're hot as hell, bitch. I wanna suck your tit."
I said, "Andy, I don't know about this, baby."
"C'mon, hon. It'll be great. Gwen knows a lot about sex. You have no idea how many guys she's fucked. She's so loose you could fist you, baby."
So I say to hell with it and I start unzipping Andy's pants. I push him back on the bed and he's laying down now. I tell Gwen to take her pants off and sit on his face. She does just that.
He starts to lick her pussy while I start sucking his cock.
I love his cock. It's so big. 8, 9''. Good shit.
I'm getting so horny watching him lick her that I take my pants off, and my shirt. I'm still sucking him when I begin to touch myself.

Gwen goes into the bathroom and grabs the shampoo bottle. She comes back and is forcing it into her pussy. It so hot that I break away to watch.
We finish that up and I crawl into Andy's bed, unaware that his parents are going to be home soon.
Gwen crawls in next to me and starts rubbing my tit.
"That was amazing, Lynn. I didn't know you had that in you." she says.
"Me neither."
Andy crawls in next to me and says, "I love you, baby."
He puts his arms around my waist and we all drift off to sleep.

Gwen notices that I'm doing just that, so she gets off his face, dripping wet and now naked, and tells me to stop, that'd she love to do that for me.
Andy sits up, fully erect, and grabs Gwen's ass while she's touching me. He starts rubbing her asshole and her clit and whiping her juices all over my breasts. He bends down and starts sucking my tit.
"Mmm, baby. I want Gwen to go deeper."
Gwen puts her two fingers inside my pussy and starts moving them in and out.
I tell her I want more yet and she adds another finger.
"Baby, that's not enough. I want your whole fist inside my pussy. I want you to make it hurt, you stupid bitch." I say.
She starts pushing her fist inside me.
Andy moves around from my chest and goes back to Gwen's ass. He starts moving his cock against her asshole. He pushes the head inside and Gwen groans.
Her fist is inside my pussy by now and I want her deeper. I grab her wrists and push it in me. I tell her that I want her to fuck me like that.
She moves opposite Andy's rhythem. It feels so good. I want her other fist in my ass, but first I need her tit in my mouth.
"Gwen pull your fist out. I want you to lay down."
Andy pushed his load into her asshole and she's now dripping wet. I stick my fingers in there and I wipe them on her tits. I feel my own pussy, covered in cum, and I wipe some of that on her. I suck her so hard and she's breathing heavy now. I want to push her over the edge.
I reach down and I start touching her. She starts sucking Andy's dick.
I suddenly stop. I want Andy's dick in my mouth now. I need it.
He grabs my head and I start gagging. I'm so turned on by my own gagging that I start touching myself.