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My wife Donna and I were both second time around married, we were both very highly sexed and I knew that she'd had a life of great sexual variety before she met me. I was absolutely besotted by her and felt that if I had three years of her to myself I would be happy. In fact I got a bit more than that and hugely satisfylung sex life to boot. We both worked, myself mainly from home and Donna, at the time this started, ran a small cafe. About three and a half years after we married I noticed that she was referring to a man that came into the cafe quite frequently, one day I asked her if she was attracted to him, she said that she was, and want to fuck him? Yes, she said. So I said that the next time he came into the cafe she should ring me, I would go in and have a coffee and she could discreetly point him out. If I approved she could satisfy her desire for him, we had great sex that night! A few days later the phone call came and up to the cafe I went, Donna pointed the man out and he looked a decent sort to me so when she came home I gave her the green light. I made two provisos, one, that she should meet him well away from the little seaside town we lived in and, two, that she should be home by one a.m.
The next day she came home and said that she had arranged to meet Frank on the Friday evening. Came the day and off she went. The idea of my wife having sex with another man excited me intensely and throughout the evening I wondered how things were going. I went to bed and tried to read at about eleven thirty, Donna didn't arrive home until one thirty which didn't please me. However I asked her how it had gone and she told me that she'd been fucked twice, I immediately got a hard on. As she undressed I could see kiss marks on her breasts and when her knickers were removed I could see spunk in them. She got into bed and I asked her to descibe what had happened. Apparently they had met at a pub twenty miles away, they had a couple of drinks while they got to know each other. He was married but his wife had gone off sexual intercourse, he was a smallholder who was working in our town temporarily to earn some money to start his next season. After this they got into his car and he drove to a place he obviously knew which was off the road and very quiet.

Donna had loved it, she was in a sexual daze too and Kamil couldn't stop saying 'I fuck your lovely cunt! I fuck your lovely cunt!' all the time. Gradually we all calmed down and he asked me if I had taken photos, I assured him that I had. Donna cleaned us all up with wads of tissues from her bag and we went back to the car. We then continued up the mountain and came across a car park that took just four or five cars, there were no others there and we parked, locked up and walked up to the summit. The top of the mountain turned out to be the remains of a Roman Camp and we spent some time walking round looking at everything before Kamil demanded to fuck Donna again. We went through all the whole procedure for a second ( and eventually third) time. I think even Donna felt exhausted for a while as we made our way back down the mountain and on to the next adventure. Look out for part two!

 They started kissing immediately and he soon had his hand inside her blouse caressing her breasts. They got into the back and undressed and really got down to it. His cock, she said, was slightly longer and thicker than mine but not obviously so, however he soon got into position to penetrate her. Donna, in the prospect of having sex, always lubricated profusely before she was even touched and when Frank found that she was already wet he moved over and penetrated her. The first time he fucked her for about five minutes before he came and she held him in as he said that he would be able to fuck again quite quickly. This turned to be true and the second time, with rests, he fucked her for over half an hour before coming again. She said that in this respect he was like me, in that he ejaculated very fiercely and filled her with a copious amount of spunk. The second time the spunk and cunt juice that was inside her squirted out all over her thighs, stomach and bottom, this was something I knew from experience she loved, she loved her sex messy. By this time I was more than ready to fuck her, but what surprised me was her eagerness for being fucked too, she couldn't wait. I acquiesced with her demand to be fucked as hard as I could do it. To be honest I'd had no idea how I would feel after she'd been fucked by someone else, or how it would feel, now I wanted sex with her more intensely than I had for some time and the feeling of fucking in another man's spunk was absolutely incredible. Donna felt the same. It was such a success that we decided that she should continue fucking Frank and having sex with me afterwards. This relationship broke down when she contravened one of the rules, she met Frank in town one evening and a friend of ours saw her, I managed to convince him that he was mistaken as Donna had been with me at the time. However, I forbade her to go out with Frank again and she had to tell him that I had found out about them and she couldn't meet him any more. When I told her that I was adamant she cried and protested but I stood firm.
However this situation did not last long, our bank changed the manager and the new manager was in the process of meeting all the clients and asked us to come in and see him. When we went in it was obvious that he was completely bowled over by Donna, we could see advantages in this, for one thing we were about to ask for a considerable extension to our overdraft. When we mentioned it he arranged for us to go in again, in the event Donna went in on her own telling him that I had a business meeting that I couldn't avoid. Donna made full use of her excellent figure and short skirt, to the extent that the meeting ended up with her allowing Geoff, as he asked to be called, to kiss her. He arranged for her to go in again the following week. This time he called up his secretary and told her that he was not to be disturbed, except for any call from head-office, and locked his office door. This time Donna allowed him to give her a good feel-up and played with his cock. The next week he fucked her. It then turned out that, although he did not live in the town, he actually had a flat overlooking the sea, for those times when he had to work late. From then on he 'worked late' once a week and fucked Donna in his apartment. He wasn't as good as Frank had been and couldn't fuck her more than once, which made her all the more eager when she came home. Obviously, the same as before, the experience of fucking into another man's spunk gave me huge thrills, in fact it went even further this time as Donna demanded oral sex before I fucked her. Thus I not only tasted her lovely cunt but his spunk as well, I became as tuned-up as a Stradivarius!
This went on, actually for years, but in the meantime we had started having holidays in Turkey and on the second one we went into a carpet shop in the town one evening and met a man who was as overwhelmed with Donna as Geoff was. On that holiday Donna went to his shop about an hour before we were to leave on the last day and they kissed and felt each other in a back room. Donna promised to return in the Spring and sleep with him. This she did, the second morning after arrival she rang me and told me that he'd fucked her six times and that his cock was over eight inches long and as thick as a cucumber, the biggest she'd ever had inside her. I asked her how she was, she said a bit sore but more sexy than she'd ever felt in her life. Seven days later she arrived back at our airport at half one in the morning, she told me that she'd been fucked only half an hour before the coach had picked her up before leaving for the airport in Turkey. I stopped in someone's gateway, in the dark, gave her the oral sex she demanded and fucked her, she still tasted of Kamil's spunk.
That September we went back and I allowed her to sleep with Kamil every night and fuck with me when she returned at about half five in the morning. She always demanded oral first, was always incredibly full of spunk and came intensely as I fucked her, it was a great experience. But it turned out not to be the best, Donna had told Kamil that I knew about him fucking her and the three of us became great friends. The next year Donna went out on her own in the Spring and was fucked practically senseless every night, and we both went out in the Autumn. This time, one day Kamil said that he wanted to show us some of the local beauty spots and we arranged a day to pick him up in our hire car. First he directed us to a mountain, half way up he asked me to stop, 'I fuck you!' he said to Donna. We left the car with Kamil saying to me, 'John take photos!' I took my camera and we climbed into the pine forest at the side of the road. Kamil started kissing Donna and undoing her flimsy blouse to kiss her breasts and kiss and suck her nipples. Donna then took her knickers off, in Turkey she always wore brief cotton ones, Kamil felt her up as she undid his trousers and pushed them down with his underpants to reveal his lovely cock. I had never seen one that size and was very impressed. Donna by now was so wet that her inner thighs were slick with it and Kamil bent her over to fuck her from behind. I was taking photographs and the sight of Donna's wide open cunt really turned me on, she always shaved and her long lips were swollen and red, her inner lips were engorged too, swelling to almost fill the mouth of her cunt, and her clit poked out between where they met. Kamil's cock approached, the tip wet with cum and he handled it into the mouth of her cunt, rubbing it in the delicate flesh and against her swollen clit. As she gasped with pleasure he entered it in her hole, his cock was so thick that her cunt lips formed a ring around the shaft. Then he started fucking, I took a few more photographs and then put the camera down, got my, now rigid, cock out and Donna grabbed it and started to suck. In a few moments I began to fuck her mouth in the same rhythm as Kamil fucking her cunt, she moaned with pleasure constantly. Then Kamil came, Donna crying out as she felt the hard thrusts and the resulting spurts deep in her cunt. I grabbed the camera and took some shots, continuing as Kamil pulled his cock out. It was red and glistening with cunt juice and spunk, Donna said, 'John! Your cock!' I knew what she meant and moved behind her to thrust my cock up her. What a sensation! Kamil's spunk was still hot and her cunt was full, I fucked in a sexual daze of complete euphoria, barely noticing that Donna now had Kamil's cock in her mouth. It didn't take me long to come and I fired my load into my wife to mix with Kamil's. Fucking into Donna's cunt immediately after Kamil was the most intensely sexual and thrilling experience I had ever had and I recommend it to any man who wants the ultimate experience.