my mind Blowin

My wife of 10 years and I had a couple over for an afternoon BBQ and dip in the pool. We had put a few drinks down in the time outside eating, swimming and just lounging around, when my wife made mention that we should go in and rent a movie off pay per view. After a brief discussion of what to watch, we decided on Broke Back Mountain. No problem here, I am comfortable with my sexuality to watch an alternative movie and the other couple did not complain neither. Now keep in mind it is summer, our air conditioner is not the best in the world, so no one changed from their swim wear, the women still in thier bikini's and us guys in our trunks.
Through the course of the movie, we pretty much stayed focused on the TV, not much said and not much stiring going on. After the movie is when things started to go alittle weird. I had gotten up to get everyone another drink, came back into the room, when my wife piped up and said "I dare you two to kiss each other" pointing at me and our friends husband. I stood there dumbfounded, thats when our friends wife pushed her husband of the couch with a lound and encouraging "Hell yeah, I wana see this.",,

but hey, she uncovered my eyes and i saw my wife two fingers deep inside herself watching me with another guy on the end of my cock and a big smile on her face.
My wife got on the floor infront of him as he started sucking his cum out of her and his wife stradled her face. I didnt last long, empting everything I had into his ass, when he suddenly jumped off and his wife started sucking his butt juice off my cock still dripping with cum. It didnt take long for me to get hard again watching another woman suck my cock, my wife finger herself, I bent over to kiss my wife, when I felt pressure on my ass. As tried look back my wife grabbed me by the neck and kissed me back I felt the head of his cock enter my ass. Needless to say I gave in and started to push back on him as he did with me and he was soon deep in me empting everything he had laft inside me.
We adjourned to the bedroom and continued this game of swapping, banging, sucking and fucking the rest of the night and BBQ often in the summer months.

At first thought I didn't think it would really happen, but before I had time to react, his arms were wraped around my neck and his tounge was deep in my mouth. It was the strangest feeling, another mans lips on mine, it was rather exciting to my surprise. After a few seconds of this, just as was strating to bring my arms up to pull him closer to me, he broke away, turned to the women and said "OK, Your turn."
I have seen my wife pinch and fondle other womens tits before in play, but never has she even inclined to being with a woman, never the less kiss one. They both looked at each other in amazment, that they would be called on for such a task, but without hesitation, they both got up and met each other halfway, stared at each other for a second, then BLAM, they were both entangled in each others arms, engaged in the hottest kiss I have ever witnessed.
In the process of their kiss our friends wife had untied my wifes top, with no argument and let it fall to the floor, and saw that she was working on her bottoms. After about two seconds I saw both side strings had been untied and was only being held up by them pressing against each other, when our friends wife broke the kiss and pushed her back onto the couch. My wife sitting there with nothing on, and legs spread, I could see she was aroused from this. Our friends wife wispered something into her husbands ear then walked over to my wife and got down on her knees between my wifes legs and told her to watch for a moment. Not knowing what was said, or to happen, while watching them, I felt my trunks get snaped down to my ankles and my hard cock stand straingt up.
As all this was happening he had dropped to his knees and quickly, before I could say WHAT THE, he had my cock in his mouth and pulling on my ass checks. No my wife is not big on blow jobs, but when she does they are good, but the way this guy was sucking my cock had me ready to cum in no time at all. He stopped and told me to sit on the couch next to my wife, who was being eaten out by the other wife, they both had fingers inside her and she moaning and panting like never before. When I sat downour friends met in the middle of the floor and stripped each other naked and pulled my wife up with them. He was behind her and she was infront of her as they lay on the floor, she pulled my wifes head between her legs and for the first time I saw my wife eating pussy. I was so intent on watching this that when my wife screamed in her pussy i saw her husband slam his rock hard cok into her from behind.
This lasted for about five minets before all three came at the same time. Our friends wife got up took my cock in her hand and asked if i liked the show, ready to explode myself she got me on my knees, went behind me and covered my eyes with her hands and felt someones legs slide between mine and ass checks pushing against my cock. My wife is not into anal so knew it was not her, when his wife whispered into my ear "her fucked your wife, now your gona fuck him" as I was saying om god i felt him push back onto my cock as her hand guided it in, it went in to easy i thought,