Lover Wolf

Twenty-three years-old Samantha Brook’s light green eyes shot open and she quickly sat up in her sleeping bag, looking around her tent rapidly. After a moment she sighed deeply and shook her head, running a hand through her long black hair. She had just had the most confusing nightmare of her life, and it seemed terrifyingly real.
She glanced at her watch sleepily, which lay beside her. It read 7:36 AM. Yawning, she stretched her arms above her head before slowly climbing out of her sleeping bag and slipping some jeans on. She had slept in black silk panties, a baggy white t-shirt, and socks. She removed her shirt and replaced it with a forest-green blouse, slipping a brown hooded sweater over. She slipped on the pair of old shoes she had brought, and stepped out of her tent.
Samantha had always loved the mountains. Ever since she was a little girl she had camped up in them several times each year, at first with her family, but as she got older she started to go by herself. She felt at home amongst the trees and the brisk air, with none of the smog and crowds of the city.
This camping trip was her last for the year, and she planned to make the best of it. She was going to stay up in the mountains for two whole weeks, all by herself. It was heaven. No annoying co-workers, no over-protective family, just her and miles and miles of forest.
She glanced around. It was incredibly foggy. She could barely see anything farther away than thirty feet. She shivered as she felt what she thought was a pair of imaginary eyes on her. Shaking it off, she leaned back into her tent to dig through her bag for breakfast, fishing out a loaf of bread and some peanut butter. She found a butter knife as well and made herself the simple breakfast of a peanut butter sandwich.
She sat down on a flat rock as she ate, staring into the foggy nothingness that surrounded her campsite. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that while it was nice having a bit of solitude, she wished she wasn’t alone.
As soon as she finished, she stood lazily, thinking a morning walk would be a nice start to the day. She headed down a path she had taken many times over the years, mostly because it ended at a small lake.
As the leaves and twigs crunched beneath her feet, she was reminded of how alone she was. The only sounds were her footsteps and the occasional chirps of birds. She jumped as she suddenly heard an entire tree branch snap and fall. She stopped, looking around, trying to see past the wall of fog that blanketed everything. As far as she knew, no large animals inhabited this mountain range. So what could have made that sound?
She shrugged it off and kept walking. Soon she could just barely see the edge of the lake, and she hurried to its edge, sitting on a small boulder, glad to be in a slightly more open area. She turned to face the water, the lake looking eerie in the fog. She froze as she heard a soft, muffled footstep behind her.
She quickly turned in the direction of the sound, but there was nothing there, just the trees. But when she turned back to face the lake, she instead found herself staring into a pair of bright gold eyes.
She gasped, leaning back slightly. The creature in front of her was wolf-like in appearance, with a long muzzle ending with a black, wet nose and pointy, furry ears. Its body was covered in black fur, and it had a black wolfish tail that was slowly waving back and forth, as if wagging in slow motion.
The distinctive thing was that this creature stood upright on its hind legs, with its forearms ending in clawed hands. The creature’s bone structure was a mix of human and wolf, so that if it wished it could drop to all fours and walk as a regular wolf did.
The creature’s expression and posture suggested he was attempting to dominate Samantha. He leaned forward, his hands coming to rest on the rock she was sitting on. His movement caused her to fall onto her back on the flat rock, which unfortunately for her was a sign of submission.
Samantha’s breathing had very quickly become panicked and desperate. She had no idea what this creature was or what it wanted, but she knew that she wanted to get out of there.
The wolf suddenly leaned down, its muzzle near her breast, and he took the fabric of her sweater in his teeth, tearing it with little effort, doing the same to the blouse underneath it. He was clearly irritated to find her bra in his way, and he practically yanked it off, tossing it with his muzzle to the ground.
Samantha suddenly felt very vulnerable, and she crossed her arms over her breasts instinctively. His hands came up and took her wrists, dragging her arms over her head and pinning them to the rock.
He leaned down, and touched the tip of his long tongue to one of her nipples, starting slowly licking the hard nub.
Samantha couldn’t contain the soft moan that escaped her throat at the wolf’s actions. She weakly struggled against his hold on her wrists. The combination of his warm, wet tongue and the chilly mountain air was driving her crazy.
He soon switched to her other nipple, giving the same attention as the first. He let go of her wrists, and she didn’t try to push him off her as his hands snaked their way to her waist.
She was lost in her pleasure, and she paid no attention to his hands until she heard the sound of the button of her jeans popping and felt them being pulled down her hips. This brought her back to her senses briefly, and she attempted to remove his hands from her waist, but his sharp growl made her return her hands to rest on the rock.
He tugged her jeans down her legs and off of her, throwing them off into the trees. With a brief tug, he snapped her panties off and threw them to the ground.
Samantha was now completely nude, and she felt her face heat up. She felt a bit absurd as she found herself hoping he liked what he saw.
The wolf suddenly pressed the tip of his muzzle to her lips, and she parted them in a soft gasp. He took the opportunity to gently let his tongue explore her mouth, in what could be described as a form of kissing.
Samantha didn’t try to stop him, although her eyes widened as she felt something long, hot, and hard brush against her inner thigh. She had already assumed the wolf was male, but now she knew for certain.
She felt more than a little ashamed, as she was more turned on than she ever been in her life. Her cunt was wet with anticipation, and she let out a little moan as his cock brushed against it.
The wolf grabbed her waist and flipped her over onto her stomach, and he was pleased as she hesitantly spread her legs. Samantha felt a bizarre mix of pleasure and pain explode as he quickly thrust his cock into her glistening cunt. A loud cry escaped her lips and her eyes shut.

His warm cum in her sent Samantha into her second orgasm, and she clutched at the rock desperately as her pussy clenched tightly around his cock. He rested his body gently on top of hers, partially supporting himself with his hands, his cock swelling and preventing him from withdrawing it for at least ten minutes or so.
After lying there for a good twenty minutes, the wolf reluctantly withdrew his softening cock, scooping Samantha into his arms and lying in the grass, resting her on top of him. Samantha stared into his bright gold eyes, which were filled with affection. She snuggled into his chest, and soon his soft fur, warm body, and steady breathing lulled her into a deep, peaceful sleep.

The wolf wasted no time and began to pump his cock in and out of her wet pussy, his clawed hands gripping firmly as he leaned over her, his body covering hers. Samantha’s soft cries and moans were constantly filling the air.
Samantha clenched her hands into tight fists, bucking her hips in time with his thrusts, already lost in the lustful rutting. She had never felt this way during sex before. Without ever realizing it, she had started murmuring, “Oh, please…please don’t stop…God, this feels so good…”
Her breasts were scraping against the rock beneath her, but that only aroused her more and her entire body felt like it was on fire. Her moans became louder and louder to the point where she was practically screaming. The walls of her cunt clamped down tight on his cock, trying to pull it deeper inside her.
The wolf rapidly began to pound his cock into her, the thrusts shaking her entire body. Low grunts escaped his throat with each thrust, as his lust drove him to shove his cock deeper and deeper into her hot, eager pussy.
Samantha writhed in ecstasy as her first orgasm hit her, and wave after wave of pleasure ran through her body. She cried out, pleading for more as his hips slammed against hers over and over. The wolf was close, and after a few more minutes, he howled as his seed spilled out of his cock into her cunt, the pleasure accompanying it driving him wild.