Lord of Lies

The Ancient One had been existing in the run down house for almost a year, having arrived from Romania. With the help of his insane assistant, Gunther, and his two undead brides, he had come here to make a fresh start and find refuge from the old world. The local authorities were asking too many questions now, and once again it was time to relocate. The house had been purchased legally, Gunther telling the locals that a European millionaire recluse was moving in.
The property had been perfect, it was in the suburbs on a large acreage near a small town. It had been a small farm at the turn of the century, and the house itself was two stories, with a basement and cellar. There was a rickety fence surrounding it, with an overgrown path that led to the large front door.
The property came with a serviceable barn close by. It had been vacant for many years, the well had been poisoned by underground minerals, and the soil would no longer harbor decent crops. Some said it was cursed, and so it had remained unsold. Now a local developer was offering a decent price, there had been a rezoning of the property. Gunther arranged for a lawyer to come to the property, so final arrangements could be made. Perhaps a tidy sum could be arranged in time for the move after all.
It was the first week of November, and the local skating rink was busy before sunrise with the figure skating classes and hockey practices. In the damp pre dawn morning, the Ancient One watched for activity and let his senses attune to the scent of young mortals at play. He was looking for a proper replacement for his third wife, who had been destroyed in an unfortunate incident.
Such were the risks of the undead. He spied a ravishing young figure skater walking out of the rink. She was perhaps sixteen years old, with long brunette hair tucked under a pink head scarf, a pink sweater that clung to her well shaped breasts and tight blue hip- hugger jeans.
Her pale skin was flushed with the cold air. She was wearing white runners and holding her figure skates in her hand. A red car pulled up and she got in. The Ancient One breathed in her intoxicating scents as she was driven away. Following in the shape of a wolf, he managed to locate her house. His keen senses were able to track his prey better than any bloodhound could. He returned to the house before sunrise, satisfied he had found a worthy prospect.
Gunther was given his instructions by his master. He was to bring the girl to his abode, so that he may have "intercourse" with her. It would be safer to bring her to him, as he desired to take his time with his "chosen ones", and Gunther was very useful as a mortal to assist in such matters.
Gunther had already purchased clothing and makeup for children and young women so that they may be prepared. They would normally be properly dressed and groomed before the feeding, to look their best. Even peasant farm girls would be seduced by his powers while looking the part of the noblewoman. Only the cruder of his kind fed "on the run", taking the basics of life while having no time to savor it.
He detested their crude, nocturnal savaging. He was one of the Old Guard, with brides of his own, and he would act accordingly. The Ancient One could live off the blood of any mortal, but it was sweeter tastes of the innocent that was sought above all else by his kind.
That afternoon a grey BMW came into the driveway, and Gunther prepared the papers needed for the sale of the property. The bank had sent over a pretty young thing. Her name was Cassandra, and she was appalled at having to come over to the dingy property, she had heard the "owner" was a dishevelled old coot, and could be difficult to work with.
She was greeted at the door by Gunther, a grey man with a bad limp, who dressed in a black suit and looked about 70 years old. He couldn't help but leer at the young woman as they conducted business in the main living room. She was an attractive red head, with a dark blue coat, white blouse, black skirt, beige nylons and black high heels.
Gunther acted as the estates trustee, and so she knew all business went through him, nobody ever seemed to meet the owner. As the last of the papers were done, she walked past the window that faced the barn, and Gunther realised he had made a mistake.
The van the authorities were looking for was parked inside, but he had changed a tire earlier in the day, and had not closed the main door. Its midnight blue color and white striping could be made out. Cassandra pretended not to notice and bade Gunther goodnight.
"Are you sure you wont stay for tea?" he asked.
"Ughh, no, I have to get back to the office," Cassandra replied, and made for the door. The whole house was decrepit, and she couldn't wait to get out of there. She was wondering if the van had anything to do with the girls that had disappeared in the last few months.
The crack of the varnished sap struck with a loud "thwap!" and Cassandra stumbled to her knees, dropping her briefcase, one heel coming off. Gunther knew what she had seen, and now he acted quickly. He grabbed the young woman by the hair and pulled her head forward, exposing her for the coup de grace.
"Be still my lady, you wont be escaping my masters justice," he said.
She flailed her arms around drunkenly, trying to reach her cell phone that had fallen out but it was too late for that. Masters justice she thought, what had she walked into? He smacked her once, and then again for good measure with the wooden club, and she went to the floor unconscious. She would disappear, along with her car. The house would not be sold, but no matter, losses sometimes had to be sustained, and they had treasure left to make a new start, Gunther thought. Cassandra was dragged upstairs to be "made up" for his master, she would have one more task to fulfill for the estate it seemed.
The Ancient One rose that night after dark, he could hear the sounds of his impatient brides, in the upstairs "guest bedroom". He made his way to see what Gunther had procured for that nights needs. He entered to see the young woman lawyer of perhaps 25 lying on the large four post bed. She had long red hair, was about 5"8" tall, thin, with good looking fine features and shapely breasts.

Moira brushed away her long hair from her neck and pinned her head down to the silken pillows with her long talons. She lowered her head to the woman's exposed jugular and kissed and licked at her bare neck, teasing her, and then, suddenly, she thrust her long fangs into her victim's carotid artery with a wet "shluck!" sound. The woman at first cried out, and then started panting heavily.

She was adorned in a long sleeved royal purple spandex dress that clung to her narrow waist, glossy yellow nylons, and makeup. Her lips were bright red with lipstick and she had been given a coating of blush, with silver eye shadow and eye liner. She looked like a 1960s go-go dancer. The clothes she had worn at the time of her abduction were in a pile in the corner. His assistant had done well, and this mortal would suffice before Gunther returned with the young skater the next evening...
Daria and Moira were both wearing long white peasant dresses, Moira was raven haired, and Daria blonde. They had long bare legs and red finger and toe nails that glinted in the dull candlelight of the bedroom. Both had their hair worn loose, over their shoulders, and they wore matching amulets around their necks. They had dark blue eye shadow and luscious, full red lips, and pale white skin. All three communicated telepathically, and seldom spoke aloud to each other.
The Ancient One stood in the dark corner as he gave permission to his brood to quench their thirsts. Daria sat on the left of the bed and took her victims slender arm in hers, caressing her. The woman lay with her eyes wide in wonder, knowing not what was about to come.
Daria started to kiss and suck her fingers as Moira moved and sat at the other side of the bed, and ran her hands down her shapely thighs. Daria then took her wrist and bit into her young flesh, finding the artery that ran there. She held her arm firmly, and sucked from the open wound. "Ohhhhhhhhh!" Cassandra moaned, she had never felt anything so wonderful, she was on fire with lust, and he felt she was going to orgasm!