Lesson in Success

When Hal Jensen left Allen Spencer's that Saturday morning he didn't know what he would tell his wife Joan about what had happened at the "poker party." He only knew that he had just had the most erotic experience of his life.
Ever since the group had decided last month that it would help Allen had talked his wife and her friend into holding an auction, a sex auction, to fulfill a fantasy she had as a birthday present, he had been looking forward to the party. Hellen, Allen's wife, and Vicki Holman were hot looking women and Hal still couldn't believe that they would do something like that, and no one had anticipated that the party would go on all night.
A few weeks ago when Allen asked if he wanted to contribute an additional two hundred dollars so they could bid on Vicki as well as Helen he eagerly agreed. He had never seen the redhead but based on Allen's description she sounded delicious.
The two times that he got to fuck Vicki confirmed that it was certainly money well spent but it did leave him with a dilemma as to how to explain things to Joan. The rest of the men in the poker group were either members of the Glen Creek Club or had been at the auctions with their wives so they had no problem explaining their behavior.
Joan and Hal knew about the club and had even been asked to join but they both felt that this lifestyle wasn't for them. Such blatant infidelity was beyond the bounds of their values. Hal did find his mind wandering quite a bit lately when an attractive woman caught his eye but he had so far been able to resist any temptation to play around.
That all changed a month ago when Allen suggested to the group that they chip in so Herb Wagner could purchase Helen at the next club auction. Then they would all gang bang her at the next poker night. Hal's commitment to fidelity was pushed past its limit. Helen Spencer was one of the sexiest women that he had ever met and Hal couldn't pass up the chance to fuck her.
He originally looked at the anticipated tryst as something sneaky and not very honorable but what Joan didn't know wouldn't hurt her. When fucking Vicki Holman was added to the equation Hal's conscience didn't take much note because he was already anticipating having sex with one other woman.
As the party last night reached its peak with the guys taking turns filling Helen and Vicki's various openings Hal knew that he didn't want to leave at the usual time and go home. He mentioned his problem to Allen who offered to call Joan and tell her that Hal had too much to drink and shouldn't drive in his condition. In his aroused state, Hal agreed with that plan.

Hal was amazed that there had been no big blowup. He was also surprised that Joan instinctively seemed to know what had happened. He had no idea that his conservative wife had any idea about such things as gangbangs. It was certainly a term and a concept that the two of them had never discussed before. Hal was also grateful that the fact that there were two women involved hadn't come up and probably wouldn't. He was in enough trouble over having fucked just one.
The discussion about Hal's infidelity continued off and on for the rest of the day. Throughout the conversation, Joan remained very calm although she did speak about the incident in very stern judgmental tones.

When Joan offered to come and get Hal, Allen said that he thought Hal would be better off staying with them for the night. They would see that he got home first thing in the morning. Joan seemed somewhat unconvinced but did agree to let Hal spend the night at the Spencer's.
Now it was first thing in the morning and Hal had to face the music. However, as he drove toward home his mind kept wandering back to the two times that he had fucked both of the women.
He was amazed that he had been able to get it up that many times in such a short time but these were very unusual circumstances. He had never experienced such sexual excitement. Hal used to think that his and Joan's sex life was pretty good. They had tried a lot of things together. Joan had learned to be an expert at cocksucking and she even tolerated an occasional invasion of her asshole.
Lately though he felt that their lovemaking was tending toward the routine and even getting pretty boring. He had never discussed this development with Joan and he had no idea that Joan might be feeling the same way.
As Hal turned into their driveway his thoughts suddenly refocused on his wife. She would be pissed, no doubt about it. Hal was not someone who ever drank to excess so he doubted that she believed Allen's story. Dozens of other possible explanations bounced around in his head.
He quickly discarded each of them as being implausible. As he entered the front door, he realized that his only way out may be to tell the truth and hope that Joan would be somewhat understanding of his transgression. He wasn't very optimistic however.
"Hi honey, is that you?" Joan called from the kitchen.
"Yes, it's me," Hal answered.
"How are you feeling this morning?" Joan asked as she came to meet him in the hall. "You must have a terrible hangover."
"Well, fortunately it's not nearly as bad as I expected," Hal replied. "I guess I deserve far worse. Is that fresh coffee I smell?"
"Yes. I made a pot when I found out you'd be home soon," Joan replied.
"How'd you find that out?" Hal asked feeling somewhat suspicious about how much his wife seemed to know.
"I called the Spencer's a bit ago. Allen said that you had just left."
"Oh. Did he say anything else?" Hal asked. He was afraid that Allen might have made up more tidbits about last night that could end up trapping him if he wasn't careful.
"No, he just said that he hoped that you didn't feel too badly today. But why do you ask? Is there something more that I should know. I don't buy his story you know. You don't ever drink too much and you really don't seem very hungover now. I'd like to hear from you what really happened last night."
"Let me get a cup of coffee and then we'll talk about it, OK?" Hal replied. His heart was suddenly in his throat as he realized that his worst fears about Joan's attitude were correct. She knew him too well.
Hal got his cup of coffee and then he and Joan sat down at the kitchen table. Hal was relieved to notice that Joan seemed more curious than angry. He hoped that attitude wouldn't change.
"OK, Hal, out with it. What happened?" Joan prodded him.
"Well, I did have more to drink last night than I can remember having in a long, long time," Hal began, "but you're right. That isn't the real reason I didn't come home. You see yesterday was Helen's birthday. We did a little celebrating last night."
"Ah," Joan replied, "so she had a sleep-over. Is that it? Look Hal, I used to have sleepovers on my birthday too but I quit that when I was ten or eleven... and besides my sleepovers were all girls. So tell me how did you celebrate anyhow?"
Hal knew that he now had no way out. At least Joan hadn't flown off the handle yet and perhaps she already suspected what had happened. It was some comfort to Hal that Joan and Helen had known each other for several years. They weren't particularly close friends but they did seem to get along well with each other and Hal had never heard Joan express any animosity toward Helen for any reason.
"Well, that's sort of how it turned out," Hal continued. "You see, Helen has had this fantasy for a long time and Allen decided to make it happen for her birthday."
"Fantasy...what sort of fantasy?" Joan asked in a somewhat suspicious tone. "Are the Spencer's members of that club?" she continued.
"Why...ye...ye...yes, I think they are," Hal answered very hesitantly. "But why, what has that got to do with anything?"
"I just wondered if they were into those wild sex sort of things that the club does," Joan answered. "So what kind of fantasy was this... a gangbang?"
"Yes," Hal whispered. "It was a gang bang."
The look of disgust on Joan's face told Hal that she was not amused by his answer. "So tell me, who all was in on this? Was it all of your poker buddies? Did you all spend the night pounding the mattress with Helen? And where was Allen? Surely he wasn't around when this was taking place?"
"Yes it was all of the poker gang... and yes Allen was right there with us. He had set it up and he seemed to enjoy it as much as she did. In fact that really surprises me now that I think about it."
"Holy shit," Joan exclaimed. "I can't believe it. My devoted husband and his friends all fucked the wife of another friend while he watched. Is that it? Does she have no shame? How could a woman do such a thing? How could you do it Hal?"
"Look, I know I shouldn't have done it," was all that Hal could think of to say. "I know it's a terrible thing to be unfaithful. I guess I just succumbed to a moment of weakness. I'm sorry."
"Well, I want you to know that I find that sort of behavior shameful and disgusting," was Joan's parting comment as she got up and left the room.