Lemonade Life's

A BDSM sexy story - It was a hot August day. Even without air conditioning, being inside was better than going out. Besides, i can be myself inside. Dressed in my cuffs, collar, and tight crotch rope, which held in my plug, Anne left for her day at work. i went to work cleaning our home.
Early in the afternoon i started vacuuming. Having never been accused of being graceful, i proved once again why. The vacuum's cord caught my ankle cuff, sending me stumbling forward and the head of the vacuum into the base of our free standing floor fan. CRASH!
The round top of the fan, still spinning, rolled around on the floor, leaving the base on its side. i raced to unplug it. Thankfully, the fan was the only casualty. i picked up the pieces. The plastic base that held the fan to its pole was snapped.
i was really mad at myself. Our main floor fan lay in pieces. Worse yet, it was Anne's. my hands weren't even locked together. Sheer klutz. The fan still worked, but without its base, i didn't think it would have much use. i gathered myself together, sat it aside, and went about the rest of my chores.
i felt like such a bonehead. i guess that motivated me. my regular chores and then some were completed and our home looked very nice. i decided to make one of Anne's favorites for dinner, hoping to diffuse the punishment i was sure i was going to receive. Anne's favorite is Sloppy Joe's and green beans. i enjoy cooking, Anne doesn't. Which may have something to do with her thinking this combination was a fanciful feast.
A little after six, i heard her car pull in. i scampered to the door, kneeling on the floor, i got into position to greet her. my heart seemed to pound with each step she took. i looked over at the cross dimple in the carpet where the fan should be. When the door started to open, i took a deep breath and chastised myself one more time.
Anne looked a little tired from her day at the office. She closed the door and bent down to kiss my forehead. "Hello Jenn, my precious."

"Thank you" i mumbled with a slight smile.
my tone gave me away. She stopped and looked at me, "What's the matter Hun?" she said with some concern.
i knelt down in front of her lovable legs, took a deep breath, "i'm sorry, Anne. i have been a major klutz today. i was vacuuming and…i broke our floor fan."
"Are you okay?" she replied.
"Yes, well…no. i feel really bad and really stupid and very sorry. That fan was so perfect for our living room. Now its useless." i stammered.

"Welcome home my Love" i replied without looking up.
She took off her suit jacket and handed it to me. i stood up and moved to the closet to put it away.
"Mmm, dinner smells wonderful." she said as she followed me back to our bedroom.
"Thank you" i said, and waited to help her undress. She hasn't noticed yet.
"The house looks great. You really worked hard today." She said, stepping out of her skirt and handing it to me to put away.

"Oh Jenn," she said in an uplifting voice, "don't worry about that old thing. I am just glad you are okay." And gave me a much needed hug. It helped, but i still needed time to forgive myself.
Anne finished undressing and we started to settle into an ordinary evening. The sight of Anne's charming curves helped me temper my earlier clumsiness. She sat at the table and i fixed her plate. i knelt beside her and waited.
After her first bite, she complimented my culinary talents (yeah, right) and told me to fix my bowl. This may be another reason for Anne's enjoyment of this entrée. This meal can easily be eaten from a bowl. It has been years since i actual ate a Sloppy Joe Sandwich, other than a few pieces Anne occasionally breaks off and feeds me. i guess this might have something to do with why i have grown fond of this feast too.
Two scoops of the mix were in my bowl and i set it beside her chair. i stood, moved to her other side and turned away from her, hands behind me. A short wait and she 'clicked' my cuffs together. A love swat on my rear sent me to my dinner.
After dinner, Anne relaxed on the couch with me beside her on the floor. Thankfully, she wiped my face since she didn't undo my hands. After a smoke, she looked at me and said, "So, what did you do with the fan?"
"It's up in the loft, my Love. " my heart sank again.
"Fetch it, pet" she said casually.
i shot up our open staircase to the loft. i had to turn round and bend to pick up the two pieces. The wide round cage was pretty easy to pick up. i carried it down to her with the cord and control box dangling behind me. She looked it over with a "hmm" as i went back for the pole.
The pole was easier to grab but harder to carry. It has four wide legs that make its base. Walking carefully, i managed not to trip on my way down. Setting the pole on her left, i went back to my spot on her right.
"This still runs, doesn't it?" she asked.
"Yes" i replied.

Still in my daze, Anne opened the clamp that holds the shaft and it sunk down to my knees. She pulled me forward and untied my crotch rope. i was still in shock. i wasn't paying attention to anything other that Anne's great idea. She moved me over the beast and started hooking my ankle cuffs to ropes she had run through the eyelets in the legs of the pole.
my heels rested on the edge of the legs, almost like wearing a low heel. my feet were only slightly apart when Anne moved the shaft up. i felt the beast at my defenseless entrance. She stood up and stepped back to view her masterpiece.

"Good, we might still be able to use it." She said and put it aside.
There was a long, quite, pause as she looked over the pole. Feeling a little uneasy, i looked up to see her finger pressed along her glowing cheek. She was deep in thought. A glimmer entered her eye. It led to a twinkle. One corner of her lovely lips moved up into an evil grin. Then the other went up into a grand smile. "My precious, I believe we can salvage this piece."
She told me stand by the wall as she picked up the pole and went into the bedroom. She returned shortly with a collection of toys. Ball gag, blindfold, clover clamps, a small weight, clothespins, and duct tape. The gag was first, followed by the blindfold.
She rolled my swelling nipples in her fingers before closing the clamps at the base of my nipple's rings. The dangling chain bounced on my stomach. i gritted my teeth, waiting for the pain in my nipples to blend in with the wetness the clamps automatically bring to my pussy. The weighted chain swung again, increasing the pain and the wetness.
A touch on my upper thigh, and i opened my stance. Anne's finger glided across my moist lips. A shiver ran down my back. She grasped and pulled an outer labia, sinking the crotch rope slightly deeper. i felt the pinch of the first clothespins. my wetness quickly absorbed this discomfort and the seven others that lined my pussy.
The sticky rip told me the tape was next. She passed it over the half of the clothespins and around my right thigh. Two full turns around each leg pressed the clothespins into my thighs and held me open.
i heard her move off again. Alone in the dark, i waited. my guilt still nagged at me as the pain in my nipples turned into a welcome ache. The sound of some fumbling around, the scent of my sex, and an occasional, "Dang it!", were the only things to distract my anticipate.
Finally, after what seemed like a much longer time than i'm sure it actually was, she returned. The folds of my darkness lifted and my eyes adjusted to the room. The sight of the pole opened my already gapping mouth.
Atop of the pole sat one of our larger dildos. Some paint stirs and tape secured the beast to the adjustable shaft of the pole. Its tip came up to the bottom of my breast. Swallowing hard, my eyes widened, and my mind started a civil war between "Oh Yes!" and "Oh No!"