Just Fun Having

Erotic group sex story - Jill and I were best friends all through high school, always together and looking for good times. This either meant finding boys, or parties or raising some sort of hell. Sometimes we'd drive around, looking for a couple of guys in a car to flirt with, then lose them if we wanted to "teach 'em a lesson".
Jill is beautiful without any question. She's five foot six, with a pair of very nice, long legs, blonde hair that falls halfway down her back, blue eyes, and she's very shapely...how does 38DÄ24Ä35 sound? Dreamy isn't it? Jill usually gets all the guy's eyes when she walks into a room, and her love of wearing tight sweaters doesn't help. I'm not so lucky. I'm only five three, with red hair, gray eyes (which is unusual for a redhead I'm told), 108 pounds, and a modest 34CÄ23Ä35 figure. Along with the orange hair, I've got a typical redhead's peachesÄandÄcream complexion, with freckles here and there. Jill and I have been friends forever it seems, and this last year was the first year we spent apart, her going to USC and me going to CALÄBerkeley. We both went home for the summer, and quickly caught up on the juicy details of each other's lives. So the first thing to do was to call up some guys and get dates right? Wrong! Almost every guy we knew was "hooked" by some gal, here or at school. So Jill and I fell back on each other, and went to a movie together.

Kim looked us over, asking us for our orders. We gave them to her. "Just be careful if Rick suggests taking you to his place. He's a real wolf." "Thanks." I said, seeing that Kim was just teasing her brother. Jill and I talked with him, and when Kim came back with our drinks, she said that she would be off work at midnight. It was quarter of, and we waited for her to come over and join us. In the meantime, Rick was telling us that he thought of "carrotÄtops" as very sexy. Jill asked about blondes, and Rick said that he liked blondes too, but since redheads were scarier, and pretty ones even more so, he was intrigued. Kim joined us finally, and Rick went to the rest room. "Rick's really a sweet guy." Kim said. "If it weren't for Rick, I'd be a lot worse off." Rick stepped in and helped her out, and now she was making it on her own. Jill was impressed by Kim's emphatic praise of him. "How long has your brother been helping you?" Jill asked. "Is that what he told you? That he's my brother?" Kim laughed a bit. "No, Rick's actually my step-brother if that makes a difference." Jill and I looked at each other then, and realized that Rick was really an interesting guy.

After the movie, we stopped at Marie Calendar's pie shop, talking about our interests (in guys at our schools), and Jill told me about something she did that got me really excited. Jill had worked out late one day, and she finished showering in the girl's locker room and was just about to leave the school. She saw a few guys on the football team working out on the field and she watched them for a few minutes. Neither of us knows who to thank for those spandex uniform pants, but they don't hide much! Jill cautiously crept into the men's locker room, hiding in a utility closet and peering out the slotted vents. Sure enough, these guys come in, and start stripping down to shower, with Jill watching! The closet was near the showers, and, according to Jill, she could see both the lockers and the showers easily. One of the guys, came out of the shower and stood there, toweling off in front of Jill's closet door! Jill said she was practically drooling, because this guy's dick was about six inches long, and it wasn't even hard! All those flat stomachs and tight asses had Jill all excited, and when the guys left, she crept out of the locker room. I told her I didn't believe it, and when we got back to her house, she showed me a jockÄstrap she'd taken from one of the lockers that had been unlocked! Like I said Jill and I can really get into trouble. It was about a week later, when we went to a local bar, using fake IDs, that we started our really nasty summer adventures. We let two guys hit on us, and we were dancing and getting a bit drunk. Finally, we went outside to their car, and necked for a few minutes. Both these guys proved that they were jerks when they figured we were drunk enough to let them do anything. The guy I was with put his hand under my top and was squeezing my tits, and of course I was rubbing his dick through his pants, feeling it grow. Jill was in the front seat, and I could hear her moan but I couldn't see what was going on. The guy with me tried to unbutton my pants, but I stopped him, not wanting to get out of control in the car. Jill and I finally said we had to go to the rest room, and that they should both be stripped and ready for action when we got back. Of course we went around to the front and got into my car and drove off, both of us laughing at the thought of those two "studs" sitting naked in the car, waiting for us. The night was still young, and we were both a bit tipsy, so we drove over to the beach. It was dark and quiet, and we let the fresh air clear our heads as much as possible. Just as we rounded a small rock outcropping, we heard someone moaning. We stopped and listened, and peering through the gloom, we could see a couple fucking on the beach. Jill and I watched, making some very scandalous and critical remarks about the whole thing. They both came, the guy just before the girl, and by the time they finished and started dressing, Jill and I were sopping wet. We turned around and started back up the beach, when we saw a guy walking towards us. It was pretty dark, and when he was about ten feet or so away, he said "hello". His voice was so sexy, that I stopped and we both started talking to him. He said his name was Rick, and he asked us if we'd like to walk down the beach with him. Jill and I really didn't want to walk with him, and he smiled and said that he understood (too many crazies around). So we talked for bit, and Jill told him that further down there was a couple on the beach "doing it". "I'm not surprised. I see a lot of that out here." Rick said. "Do you watch?" Jill asked, and I shot her a dirty look, which she missed. "No, not really." Rick said quietly. "I just try to ignore them. I figure they're doing it down here so nobody will see, so why disappoint them?" We offered him a cigarette (he said that he doesn't smoke), and when my lighter flared, we both gasped. Rick was terrific looking, and shirt less. He had a gorgeous body, and we both could see the bulge in his shorts. Rick smiled, and looked at me. "I didn't know you were a redhead in this light." he said, emphasizing "redhead" like it was important. "Yeah." I said. "Some of us have all the luck." "I suppose you'll ask if she's hot and fiery as her hair." Jill put in a bit sarcastically. "No, but that's a good line." Rick said. "I was going to suggest going up to the Sandpiper Inn for a drink, on me, so I could see your hair in some real light." "Oh brother!" Jill said. I thought he was kind of sweet, but Jill was thinking that he was on the prowl. I said it sounded fine, and Jill just about broke a rib jabbing me the way she did. Rick walked along side us up to the inn, and he stopped at his car in the lot, putting on his shirt and shoes. We watched, and Rick's body was even better looking in the slight light from the car's interior light.

Watching my best friend getting fucked by a huge cock! Slowly Rick started to pump me, and I closed my eyes and just floated on the sensations he gave me. His hands squeezed my breasts, and he pulled on my nipples just the way I like to do. I was so close to coming and I wanted to, but I also wanted it to last longer. Rick started moving even slower, and I felt his hand flicking my clit. I started to come, really come hard, and I looked down. I looked down and saw Kim flicking her tongue on my clit!! Just as my orgasm was subsiding, another rolled over me, and I didn't care if it was a girl or a guy sucking me, just as long as it didn't stop! I know I was moaning, but I don't remember it. Rick was starting to pound my sopped pussy and it felt like I was coming all the time. I looked down, and Kim was kissing her way up my stomach. I started coming again and she sucked on of my nipples and then pinched the other. I moaned and screamed that I was coming again. I felt Rick's cock explode inside me, spurting what felt like gallons of his come. That kept me coming for what seemed like an hour, although it was really just a few long seconds.

Rick held the door for us, and we entered, walking into the bar part of the restaurant. The girl behind the counter waved to him, and Rick waved back. He motioned us to a table and we sat down, off in the corner. "That's my sister Kim." Rick said, pointing to the bartender he'd waved to. "She's a terrific kid. He was certainly right. Kim looked to be only about 23, and when she came over to say hello, her tight fitting black pants showed curves that would make most women extremely jealous. Kim is pretty, with blonde hair and big green eyes, she was outstanding. "Picking up girls on the beach again, eh, Rick?" She chided him. 

Just as I was going to ask Kim if Rick was married, he came back to the table, smiling. I could see no wedding ring (or a "cheaters mark") so I guessed him to be single. "I just called Pete to come join us." Rick said. Kim's eyes lit up and she told us that Pete was a "trueÄblue hunk". Rick looked at Jill, and said "I hope you don't mind, but I think you'll like Pete. I know he'll like you." Jill was a bit miffed at Rick taking the liberty, but when Pete came in, she changed her mind. "Hunk" was right! Pete was about five eleven and every bit as fit and trim as a girl could want. He had dark hair and a smooth dark complexion (from his spanish mother) and gleaming blue eyes (from his father). A few more drinks and Kim suggested her place, as her parents were gone for the weekend. Feeling pleasantly relaxed, Jill and I agreed. Kim's place wasn't far away, and it was a very nice large condo on the beach. Just near enough to hear and smell the ocean. About a half hour after getting to her place, Kim disappeared to get out of her "work clothes". I was sitting right next to Rick on the sofa, while Jill and Pete were looking through some of Kim's record albums. Rick's finger touched under my chin and I turned to look at him. His eyes were so soft and gentle, I could feel the electricity in his touch, and I leaned into his soft, warm lips. I kissed him, feeling his lips slowly part, and his tongue gently stroked my lips. I parted my lips and let his tongue enter my mouth, eagerly swirling my tongue around his. I chased his tongue into his mouth when it withdrew, and that excited him, his hands now sliding urgently down my back. We were both lost in our blissful kiss, when we heard "Ahem!" from behind us. Parting, we looked at each other for a second, then to Pete and Jill, who were both grinning at our display. "Rather adolescent, wasn't that?" Pete laughed. "Hey!" Rick shot back. "So I was deprived as a teen. Gimme a break!" Jill held up one of my favorite albums and I nodded. Pete held up another and we all agreed that we liked Kim's taste in music. Kim returned, and she was wearing sweat pants and an exercise top that left her flat stomach bare. Kim put on some music and said she'd fix some snacks. As she left the room, she turned down the dimmer on the lights. Jill and Pete were slowdancing in front of the fireplace, and I turned to Rick. We kissed again, and both of us felt the heat burning in the other. We kissed and kissed for a long time, his hands and tongue making me so hot that I was sure my pants were visibly wet. Kim made a loud noise in the kitchen breaking up some ice, and we parted our kiss, looking at Jill and Pete. They were locked in a deep kiss like we had been, with Pete's hands on Jill's ass, pulling her against him. Jill was also trying to wrap herself around Pete, her hands on the back of his head. Kim announced the snacks were ready, and Pete disentangled from Jill to help her bring out the food and some drinks. She sat down, and started telling some jokes that she'd heard, most of them a bit raunchy. Rick mentioned that Kim had a hidden talent, and she blushed and gave him a "not again" look. Rick badgered Kim into showing us. She took the stem from the cherry in my coke, and popped it in her mouth. A few seconds later, it came out with the stem nicely knotted in the middle. Jill and I both tried it (Kim said it was pretty simple), and we couldn't do it. Pete made a rude suggestion, something about trying it with a larger object, and we all laughed. "Speaking of larger objects Pete..." Kim said, making her stare obvious. Pete wasn't displaying much of a bulge, but Kim's eyes said there was some very decent "equipment" there. "Are you going to show it off?" Pete blushed a bit, and I'm sure Jill felt her pussy moisten as I did. We all urged him to show us (it must have been the liquor from earlier), and he finally said okay. Pete stood up, and Kim dimmed the lights dramatically. Pete unzipped about half way, and Jill suddenly leaned forward, taking over the job. Jill did a good job of erotically lowering his zipper, and rubbing her hand over his crotch. I could see his bulge forming against his shorts. Jill was going to reach in through is zipper, but Pete put her hands on his belt. Jill pulled it loose, moving her face close to his manhood. Jill's hands slid his pants down to the floor, and we could see a huge bulge in his jockey shorts. Slowly Jill pulled them down, and when his dick sprang free, I could hear Jill's gasp over mine.
Pete had a huge prick, and the head was perfectly circumcised. Jill stared at it, watching it grow even more. I could see her tremble as she put her hand around it and lifted it, then ran her tongue down the underside of it. Pete sighed loudly. "Oh God! I'm in heaven!" Jill said. She kept kissing and licking it, and Pete wasn't going to stop her. "Eleven and threeÄquarters inches." Kim said. "I measured it the first time I saw it." She added proudly. I looked down at Rick's crotch and saw his bulge. No one had to tell me, so I unfastened his pants and took him out of his shorts. No monster like Pete had, but one of the most beautiful cocks I'd ever seen! Rick was about seven inches long, and just the right diameter. I leaned over and licked the drop of his semen that dribbled from the tip. Then I just had to have him in my mouth. I liked his warm, rubbery head, and then started sucking him into my eager mouth. Rick moaned softly and I felt his hips rise. His dick was warm and firm and just the right size. After several long strokes on him, I then remembered that Kim was watching. I looked up at her and wow!! Kim was sitting back, one hand down her sweat pants, frigging herself while she watched us. Her other hand had pushed her top up, showing us her large nippled breasts and she pinched a nipple in her fingers. I looked over at Jill, and Pete was undressing her, she was down to her bra and panties. "What the hell" I thought, and I pulled Rick's pants off, and then his shirt. He undressed me carefully, kissing my breasts as he pulled off my blouse. The low lights, the alcohol, and the gentle way everyone moved had an effect, and we were all soon naked in the living room. All but Kim. She just sat and watched us, and her being dressed excited me even more. Rick slid down to the floor and began licking my pussy. He knew his way around a pussy, his tongue finding my sensitive places and making me crazy with the way he teased me higher and higher. Jill went straight for Pete's dick, and I watched. Pete sat on the love seat (appropriate no?), with Jill sitting down facing him. I watched, and Jill slowly tried to stuff his meat in her tight pussy, taking him an inch at a time. Her soft, white round ass spread over Pete's lap, and his huge prick slowly disappearing into her made me so incredibly wet! Finally, Jill sat down, completely hiding his cock inside her. Jill moaned and breathed hard. When she rose up, the sight of such a big cock sliding out of her made me come right in Rick's mouth! Rick kept sucking and licking me, and I came again, seeing Jill take Pete inside her again and again. "Fuck me." I told Rick, pulling him up from between my legs. Rick kneeled on the edge of the sofa and pulled my legs wide apart. His prick slid into me easily, and it felt like he was as big as Pete. I couldn't take my eyes off the sight of Jill fucking that huge dick. I'd seen porno movies before, but this was hot!