House Haunted

Vanessa sighed, picking up the last bit of her items inside the cardboard box that had assisted her move into her new, gorgeous home. She placed the item, an antique vase that her mother had given to her before she diseased, on to the shelf that she had set up in her room.
"All finished," She smiled, glancing around her new room. It was so much bigger than her old room and so much nicer.
Vanessa had been waiting years to move out of the cramped up home that she had shared with her mom since she was 7 years old. She would've been gone the day she turned 18, but her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Vanessa had stayed to help her mom while she was ill and saved up money to get her own place one day. Her mother passed away on her 22nd birthday, leaving Vanessa hearbroken and alone.
Nearly two months after her mom's passing, Vanessa came across the Victorian home she had always dreamed of. It was perfect.
Though, she was still alone, the house made her feel complete. There was just something about it.
Vanessa was alone, but she was not an ugly girl. Her body was toned and fit from all the daily work outs she did. Her hair was a chestnut brown, which worked well with her light blue eyes and tan skin. Her chest wasn't too big, but not to small either. She was actually beautiful.
"I'm so tired," Vanessa yawned. She changed into her pajamas and crawled into bed, excited about falling asleep in her new home for the first time. It didn't take her long to drift off into a dreamless slumber.
Vanessa's eyes fluttered open in the middle of the night. She looked at the clock on her shelf. It was only 1 in the morning. She closed her eyes, hoping to fall back to sleep.
Her eyes flew open again when she felt a pair of hands grasp her thighs.
"What the hell?" She shouted, trying to kick the person who had grabbed her. Vanessa pulled back the covers, but no one was there. She tried to sit up. Some kind of force was holding her down, though. She looked around for any kind of restraints or ropes, but there was nothing. She just couldn't move.
"Stop!" She screamed at the invisible presence that surrounded her.
Vanessa's eyes widened as a pair of sissors floated towards her, cutting her tank top to shreds. It continued to her shorts. She was left in just her thong. The invisible hands that grabbed her legs were now gently rubbing the clothed material between her legs. She felt a pair of lips on hers and a tongue being pushed into her mouth.
"Vanessa," Someone whispered. It was a man's voice. Soothing, but rough at the same time.
"Who are you?" Vanessa asked once the lips moved away from her's.
A womanly voice sighed. "We won't hurt you," it whispered.
Vanessa gasped as she felt her thong being pulled down and something warm and wet sliding over her nipple.
Two fingers slid inside Vanessa's wet pussy, thrusting in and out, slowly. She gasped.
"She's so tight," The womanly voice sighed again. "Are you a virgin?"
Vanessa nodded her head. She had never been sexually involved with anyone.
Two more fingers joined the others in Vanessa's hot cunt, causing her to gasp in pain. The thrusts sped up a little.

"That's enough for tonight, John. She's exhausted," Natalie said.
Natalie's first night in the house was definitely not what she expected, at all. Most people would have left the house after that night. Not Vanessa. She didn't want to leave. She loved the house and it's ghostly residents. She knew that these little late night visits were far from over.

"We need to widen her, but she's already in pain," the woman said.
"She is very tight," The man moaned. "Lick her, Natalie."
Vanessa nearly cried out in shock when she felt a tongue start licking and sucking on her clit.
'Are they both fingering my pussy?' Vanessa thought, shivering from the intensity. Her eyes rolled back into her head as the pain subsided and pleasure took over.
"Oh, God!" Vanessa moaned, loudly. The fingers pulled out, leaving her begging for more.
"The brush," Natalie whispered. "Hard and fast, John."
Vanessa felt weight being lifted off the bed as she guessed John had gotten up. Her brush that was laying on her vanity table began floating in the air.
"Very hard and fast," Natalie whispered again. "She can handle it."
Vanessa eyes nearly bulged out of her head when she saw the brush coming towards her wet core at a fast pace. Her brush never looked big, until now. The handle was at least 7 inches long.
She watched the handle push its way into her throbbing pussy. She screamed in pain. It pulled out and stabbed back in, over and over. Vanessa gripped the sheets tightly. She was in so much pain, but she was enjoying it. It turned her on. Her pain was also her pleasure.
"Harder," She screamed. She could feel her hymen being ripped completely. The thrusting sped up until it was pounding her pussy at an abnormal rate.
"She seems to like the pain," John noticed, pulling the brush out of her cunt. The brush floated up to Vanessa's mouth, pushing between her lips. "Lick it."
Vanessa did as she was told, swirling her tongue around the handle. She loved the way her juices tasted. She could even taste the blood from her shredded hymen.