Goes Wild A Girl

Who would have ever imagined that the quiet, shy and almost invisible girl who shunned attention in high school would be writing a story about her personal experiences with swinging? I was a very late bloomer when it came to relationships and sex. I didn't have a real date until I was out of high school and working full time. My first experiences with sex were with a girlfriend. We experimented a few times with kissing and touching. I was the oldest of 3 girls and my mother never talked to me about sex and I doubt that she ever experienced an orgasm in her life.
I met my first husband through friends at church. Kevin had a lot of baggage and hang-ups about sex. We were both virgins when we met and we stayed that way until a few weeks before our wedding. Sex was not high on Kevin's agenda and after our wedding it only got worse. Kevin never had the first clue about intimacy. He was closed up physically and emotionally and I ended up being seduced by a young man I worked with before our one year anniversary.
I met David while he was working an internship at my company. David made me feel attractive and desired. He was the first man who I felt had ever truly desired me. His flirting left me intoxicated. When I went to bed at night I was anxious for the next day to arrive so that I could see him and talk to him. While he always maintained professionalism and although I was as naive as could be, I understood that his interest in me went beyond friendship and flirting. Just the way he looked at me made my heart beat faster and made me think about being taken by him and surrendering myself completely to him as I had never done before. I began to fantasize about him and masturbate daily. The summer progressed rapidly and I knew that he would be going back to college and I might never see him again. I wanted him to make a move. I wanted him to ask me out. I started taking my wedding rings off when I got to work and I started dressing more provocatively. Kevin hinted that he would like to get to know me better, but that his financial situation prevented him from asking me out.

Recently I gave Paul my approval to meet one on one with a female that we had had a threesome with. Our relationship has never been better. Our itch is getting scratched regularly. Paul encourages me to tell him all of my fantasies. I don't hold anything back. One of my fantasies is to be taken by a group of guys. By a group I mean 5 or more, but usually when I have this fantasy I am in a room naked laying on a bed with so many guys lined up to take a turn fucking me that I can't even count them all. Paul and I have talked about going way out of town and trying to make this fantasy come true. Paul's sister lives in a suburb near Philadelphia. I think this summer we are going to go visit her and actually live this fantasy out

I suggested that we meet in a nearby park for a picnic lunch and he accepted without hesitation. It was the beginning of a whirlwind affair that lasted for almost a month. While some people may have felt guilty about cheating on their spouse, all I felt at the moment I surrendered to David was that I had been totally missing out on being a woman. Driving home the evening we had sex the first time, I knew that my marriage was over. I knew that I had no future with David, but I knew that I wasn't prepared to settle for what I had at home either. I am enough of a realist to know that I wasn't going to be able to make Kevin into the man that I needed him to be. I was thankful that the marriage was over before we had kids. I was not going to live the type of dull and boring marriage that I had watched my parents live for over 20 years.
Any reservations I had about ending my marriage went out the window when Kevin made no effort to fight for me or make any changes. He just moped around and whined a lot.
The next chapter of my life is what I like to affectionately refer to as my slut period. I begin to spend time with some of the wilder girls from the office and less time with the frumpy boring women from my church. We went out almost every Wednesday and Friday night. I promised myself that I wasn't going to get serious with the first guy who came along. None of the men I met over the next couple of years had any intention of getting "serious". My girlfriends and I passed around guys like the women from my church traded recipes. I'm sure the guys would claim that they were the ones who were passing us around. Either way, I lost track of the one night stands. One memorable weekend, I slept with one guy on Friday night, had an afternoon "date" with a different guy on Saturday, and then an evening "date" with a different guy Saturday night. I bedded three different guys within a 24 hour period, and a different one the following weekend.
Looking back I am not proud of this chapter of my life, but it is part of who I am. There were more positives that came from this than negatives. I am totally comfortable with my sexuality, and I am an extremely confident person. I am not likely to fall for the first mope who tosses me a line, and I am surely not likely to settle for a man who doesn't know how to please his partner.
Fast forward 5 years. I am remarried to an older guy who has three kids from a prior marriage. We have one daughter together. She just turned 3. Paul is a painting contractor and he is the perfect combination of rugged testosterone charged macho man, and yet sensitive, romantic, and passionate. I met Paul while on vacation with my girlfriend Kate in Cancun. Paul swept me off my feet the night I met him and we fell in love the first time we kissed. We kept in touch when I got back home, but he lived in Charlotte NC and I lived in Columbus OH. We soon realized that we were miserable apart, so I quit my job and moved to Charlotte in the fall of 2000 and moved in with Paul.
We mutually agreed from the start that we would have no secrets between us. We poured our souls out to each other and realized how alike we were. How similar our lives had been. How equally depraved we are with our sexuality, both in our prior experiences and with our fantasies and desires.
I told Paul about how I behaved after my divorce. He was also very promiscuous before he met me. We had both reached a point where that lifestyle had left us feeling empty and lonely most of the time. We both also agreed that sex with a practical stranger has a high level of excitement to it. We refer to it as scratching an itch. When I moved in with Paul we agreed that we would not see other people. We had and still have an amazing sex life. As time went on though Paul and me both talked openly about the "itch". We both understood that a desire to sleep with other people didn't mean we were unhappy or unsatisfied with what we had. We began to talk openly about how we could satisfy the itch without hurting the relationship. By this time we had gotten married.
After I got pregnant, things changed for awhile. While sex remained a big part of our relationship, the idea of being with a stranger was suppressed. After my daughter was born, I was too overwhelmed to even consider such a thing. Paul and I didn't even discuss the "itch" for over two years.
Last summer, Paul got a webcam and started chatting on MSN a lot. I gave him his space and I knew that he was talking about sex, because he would come to bed with a throbbing hard-on and fuck me like an animal. Very soon after he got the webcam, he asked me to join him in the den and meet a couple he was chatting with. The couple lived near Raleigh. We put on a show for them and they put on one for us. Later Paul showed me their personal ad on an adult dating site. He didn't have to tell me what he was thinking, I was already there. My expectation of swinger was that they were sleazy low class people. That was not the case. Most of the ads we came across seemed to be people that were normal folks like us. I told Paul that if he wanted to meet the couple from Raleigh that I would do it.

Within a couple of days we planned to go to Raleigh and stay overnight on the weekend. Paul's mom agreed to watch our daughter. We stayed at the Radisson in Durham and met our new friends for dinner at the Macaroni Grill.
The couple was very experienced with swinging and they knew that we weren't. I explained to the female (I have forgotten her name) that I had only experimented with bisexuality in high school. She turned out to be a very patient teacher. When we all retired to our hotel room at the Radisson, she took control and undressed me and ate me out in the middle of the bed while the guys watched. Making love to another woman was something that I had often fantasized about. I was a little nervous but it seemed very natural. We kissed each other while our hands explored each other's breast. She slid her hand down to my moist pubic mound. I was so wet that I could smell my own musky juices. By the time she slid her fingers inside of me, I was having an out of body experience. Even though I was naked, the room seemed like a sauna.
She moved her head down between my legs. I was begging her to suck my clit. My eyes were closed and my hands were running through her long blonde hair. I felt someone moving around my head. When I opened my eyes, I saw that her husband had taken a position standing by the side of the bed with his swollen cock headed toward my waiting mouth like a cruise missile. Paul was homing in on what's-her-name. As I took the husband's cock deeply into my mouth, Paul was sliding his throbbing cock inside the other woman.
By the time that our new friends left, it was almost midnight. Paul and I were so exhausted that we slept past 10:00 the next morning.
Since that first experience with swinging Paul and I have developed a routine. There are a lot of personal ads for couples who are looking for a female to join them on the Adult site we go to. About once a month I will make contact with a couple and agree to meet them. Once we meet face to face and we hit it off, I explain to them that I will submit to them in every way they want. I will help them fulfill their fantasies, but that the female of their team must agree to return the favor with Paul and me at a later date.