Girls Nursing

Elizabeth, Veronica and Daniela finally made the decision to spend their vacation on Elizabeth’s parents country house. They planned to leave at 7 am Saturday morning but, as expected for a group of untroubled teenagers, at 10 am they were just finishing packing. One hour later they were on the highway cheerfully taking about their boyfriends and their sexual adventures.
* * *
Been a cheerleader at her high school football team for several years, had really paid off on Elizabeth’s figure, displaying a tight athletic body. Her breasts are rather small but firm and rounded. She has blonde hair combining perfectly with her clear green eyes.
Veronica has black hair falling to her shoulders contrasting with her blue eyes and her pale skin. She is a little shorter and thinner than Elizabeth but her breast are just perfect, big and round, always attracting the attention from anyone that looked at her. She likes to wear summer dresses with a big enough cleavage to turn heads wherever she walks in.
Danny has a Latin inheritance that reflects in her beautiful curvy body. She has light brown skin and she is the same height as Veronica. Her almond colored eyes were framed by long and full eyelashes. Danny has a way of moving her hips when she walks that every guy in her school is crazy about her.
* * *
All three girls were extremely popular with the boys, which were constantly approaching them in a rather annoying way. This was one of the reasons that Danny had the idea to celebrate her eighteenth birthday in the country house, away from everyone expect her dearest friends.
Elizabeth and Veronica, been a little older than Danny, had lost their virginity to their boyfriends almost a year ago and after that, they had been practicing sex on a regular basis. Daniela had sex for the first time with a classmate only a month ago. It had been a one-time thing and the experience was far from being satisfactory.
Elizabeth and Veronica were always complaining about the boring way that their boyfriends had sex with them. “The boys are too conventional,” they said.
The girls were discussing and fantasizing about how they would like to have sex in odd places and in every position they had seen in porno movies.
After two hours on the highway, they arrived to the mountains and entered a secondary road. They drove between huge pine trees for another half hour until they found Elizabeth’s cabin. It was a large two-floor chalet with a wide terrace on the second floor which allowed a view to a small, crystal clear lake just fifty meters away.
After unloading the luggage and provisions, each teen selected a room upstairs and unpacked in a hurry. They wanted to step out to the terrace in the nude and catch the last minutes of sunlight, with the hopes of getting a good tan without bikini lines.
"It was a good idea not to bring the boys,” Veronica said, “otherwise we wouldn’t be butt naked out here… we will get a fantastic tan”.
After a while, the sun began to disappear in the horizon and it got a bit chilly, so the girls decided to step inside and drink some wine beside the chimney.
They were sitting in the wide living room, wearing just a towel and enjoying the evening when suddenly, they felt the floor shaking and the wine bottle started to bang lightly over the table.
“It’s and earthquake!” Elizabeth shouted, “Lets get out of here!”
She just had finished the sentence when the tremors stopped and everything returned to normal.
“I hate earthquakes!” Danny said, finishing her glass of wine in one shot and filling it again.
The others girls gulped down their drinks too and in a short time, they were opening the second bottle of wine.
* * *
Not far from there, at the bottom of the lake, a huge rock had shifted from its original place, leaving a big opening about five feet long and two feet wide. Bubbles were still coming out from the air trapped inside before the earthquake. On one corner of the hole, the moonlight poured just enough light to see a small limb much like a squid’s, crawling its way out across the lake’s sandy floor.
* * *
“I feel woozy,” Danny said, “I’m gonna take a quick bath.”
“Let’s get in the lake instead!” Elizabeth shouted excitedly.
“But its dark and… there could be animals out there,” Danny said with a worried tone of voice.
“Its ok,” Elizabeth responded, “there is a full moon and there is plenty of light. When I was younger, I used to get in the lake at night all the time”.
“Yes! Lets go to the lake!” Veronica said also excited with the idea.
“Ok, if you go, I’ll go…. I don’t want to stay here alone anyway,” Danny said not really convinced.
Ten minutes later, there were three naked teenagers in the lake laughing and throwing water to each another like little girls.

“Something touched me!” Danny said, almost yelling, “Someone touched… my pussy”.
“Someone? But there was no one but us,” Elizabeth replied.
The three girls observed the lake through the living room window but everything was quiet.
“Are you sure it wasn’t a horny fish?” Veronica asked, laughing mockingly at her friend.
Elizabeth started laughing too and Danny just smiled, a little embarrassed.

Within all the noise and commotion, a big shadow moved in the dark, just outside the entrance of the cave. The limb that before was barely distinguishable was now out in the open, sticking two meters from the hole, moving like a snake in the direction of the girls.
A few minutes later, the body of a strange creature coming out of the cave was illuminated by the moonlight. It was similar to an octopus but it had two sacs fused together to make one large bulk of meat with a greenish and brown skin. It had multiple tentacles of different lengths and thickness. The biggest were as long as ten feet with a diameter of at least four inches.
The creature was getting closer to the girls, attracted by the noise and the movement, but there was something else that made the magnetism irresistible for the animal, the smell. The creature had detected a quality in the three beings playing in the water. This quality was female pheromones, which meant only one thing to the animal, reproduction.
The creature got closer and closer to the source of the smell until it was just a few inches from its destiny. Danny stepped back avoiding a gush of water thrown by Veronica, when she felt that something touched her asscheeks. She stood still, not really sure of what just happened. Then, she felt something touching her again between her legs.
“Ahhhhhhhhh!!” Danny screamed, running out of the water as fast as she could.
Veronica and Elizabeth got scared and they screamed and ran too, not really sure of what was going on.
Danny got out of the lake and kept running toward the cabin. Elizabeth followed her, but as she reached the shore, she stopped and looked back, trying to see what had scared her friend so much. She didn’t see anything, so she calmly picked up the towels and walked with Veronica to the house. Danny was standing at the front door, waiting for her friends to get inside so she could lock the door.
“What happened?” Elizabeth asked.