gets fed up Half Brother

Jon was about 21 when he came back home after college. He was stressed out from the work, and his little step sister Cassie, who was only 18 didn't help. She was pretty sexy having 32D's and sexy curves with a plump butt herself. She had brown hair like Jon, and same with the brown eyes. She and her friends always came over at night and used to make Jon angry by doing simple pranks. They would steal all the food and drinks he got for himself on the weekends, and then upload massive amounts of things onto his computer even destroying it once. She would also go out at night and come back later and said that if he told on her that she would tell mom and dad that he has been giving alcohol to her friends. Their mother was the same, but Jon's father ran away, and Cassie's got married to his mother soon after and had her. It was a Sunday night, there was no school the next day because of a district meeting. Their parents had left to go stay at a casino a couple hours away for 2 nights. This time Cassie stayed home, because most of her friends were grounded or couldn't leave that night due to family stuff.
Jon was sitting on the couch, watching TV, he left the remote on the coffee table, and Cassie in her night gown with nothing but her black panties under it, grabbed the TV and changed the channel. "Give me the remote Cassie. Seriously."
"Come and get it." She teased him. It taunted him alright, he got up and grabbed her hand, making it painful for her, as she dropped it, and he stepped on it turning off the TV. "Hey! I'll tell mom that you were bullying me."
"You won't tell mom anything, and you'll not bother me anymore unless you want to really be punished."
"Give me 20 bucks and this didn't happen." She grinned, but that was wiped off of her face quickly as Jon grabbed her by the hair and threw her off of the couch. She started to get up, one of the shoulder straps on her gown falling to her side, nearly revealing her perfect breasts. "What are you doing?!" He started to unzip his pants, as she crawled backwards, and he grabbed her by the hair again and forced her onto her knees.
"I told you, you've been really pissing me off, and now it's time for your punishment." He pulled down his boxers, leaving his shirt on, and it literally fell on her face, hitting her.
"Stop! What are you doing?"
"SHUT UP AND PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH." He tugged on her hair as she whimpered and attempted to stay away from it.
"Jon! Stop! Mom and Dad will get angry."
"They aren't here right now, are they?" He grabbed her hand that attempted to push him away, and pulled her face up to his now started to erect 7 inch cock. She was still a virgin despite her wild-side, and had never touched or seen a cock up close. He shoved it at her lips as she wouldn't budge. "If you think your hair hurts, wait till you keep shutting me out." He forced her forward as she opened her lips."Now SUCK!" He yelled at her, as she slowly moved her head forward. He forced her head back on and off, as she gagged occasionally tears down her cheeks as he made her continue. "Ah, finally, some peace at last." He chuckled as he let go of her hair. "Don't make me have to force you, or it'll hurt more. Now shove it down farther." She tried to, and it reached her throat, but she kept gagging and making muffled sounds. His cock was throbbing and thick, completely erect now. "Ah, I think you might make me cum." She shook her head no as she took her head off, and he got angry.
"No! Stop it! I get it now!" He grabbed her by the hair as he forced it in her mouth, and got on his knees, making her sit back on her ass. She was leaning back to keep herself away from it, almost her head to the ground, her hands keeping herself up.
"No, we're not done yet. And you're going to swallow." He forced it in her mouth, but used it like a pussy, and started to move his hips back and forth. He grabbed her hair so she couldn't do anything with her hands but keep herself up. He continued until she was crying again, and he was fucking her throat harder, until he finally stopped and she could feel his dick contract. It shot load after load in her mouth and down her throat. She was nearly choking from the amount. "Swallow it, bitch."
He left his cock in her mouth until he finished, and her lips were dribbling with his sperm. She fell back against the ground out of surprise and shock. Then she got back up on her elbows, seeing he was ripping off her panties. He didn't even touch her night gown before he started to grope her breasts. "Stop please jon! I get it! I stop! I promise, please!" He started to laugh cruelly, he knew how far he'd gone, and he wasn't going to back down now. His cock had already become erect again.
"You make me proud sister. My big dick is already hard as a rock, after you sucked me off." He smiled as he raised her gown a bit to reveal her shaved pussy. "Mm, virgin shaved cunt. Not had this in a long time." She started to nearly scream to have him stop.

 He slammed his way back into her asshole, as she bounced around, her tits wild and her hair flying everywhere as she watched her own brother's cock anal fuck her. He continued for a moment before stopping. She could feel it throbbing inside her, as it blew out another load. This one was huge, a bucket full. He continued to pump his white cream in her, until it overflowed out of her anus and all over her ass and pussy and stomach. It was dripping to her breasts as he pulled it out and got on his knees over her breasts. He forced her mouth on it again as he mouth fucked her until the last of his hot sticky white cream crawled down her throat.

"STOP IT! NO! IM A VIRGIN DONT!" It was useless, as he had lifted her legs so her feet were on his shoulder, straining her hamstrings. He had thrust in quickly making it painful for her. She gasped and nearly screamed again, "No!" He smiled as he grunted and started to move in and out slowly. She continued to moan as he used her breasts like handles, and the back of her thighs slapped against his stomach as he continued to fuck her face to face. He kept on moving his dick in and out for quite a while until he could feel it throbbing and ready to cum.
"Ah, you're already going to make me cum again."
"No please! Not there!" She was panting from the fuck.
"Don't worry cunt, I'm not going to impregnate a stupid bitch like you." She had tears down her cheeks still, as he threw off her gown and she was still on the ground, her face up, and back laying down. He sat on her abdomen as he slid his dick between her breasts. "Now push them together! Or I'll make it hurt." She nodded as she knew now what he was capable of. Her 32D tits squeezed around his cock, as he started to move back and forth, tit-fucking her for a minute.
Then his cock swelled again as it exploded all over her face and chin and chest. He continued to slow tit fuck her letting all his cum get on her, she screamed at the first load and after that she just panted. She didn't dare open her mouth for another load to crawl in. "Mm, you're quite a mess, bitch." He got up and knelt next to her, wiping his cum all over her face, as she attempted to look away. "I've got one more load left. Open your mouth." He started to wank off the last of the sperm from his second round. "I said OPEN YOUR MOUTH" He was wanking off harder, his fist enveloping his dick. He grabbed her by the hair as he forced her face to look at his dick, as it sprayed her face once more, her mouth closed. "Oh I thought I told you I would make it worse if you didn't listen." She shook her head no, she didn't know what he had planned next.
He grabbed her by the hair and forced her up, and brought her to the kitchen. He bent her over the kitchen counter, her tits squished against the cold top, as she screamed again, "STOP IT! STOP IT!" He started to laugh as he started to wank his dick again to get it more erect as he started poke her asshole with it. "No! Please! Not there! AH!" She screamed as he forced it in, her asshole gaping open with the strength. "IT HURTS! STOP!" He started to pound her ass, his hips slapping against her butt cheeks, as he tits bounced around on the counter top, and her head bobbed around too. With every slam and thrust her asshole opened up to accept him more. He continued to go, their bodies moving in a flow now, as he started to rush up, grunting as she was moaning quite loudly. He started to slow down as she panted for a breath in that quick moment of rest. Then he grabbed her off of the countertop, she was surprised and weak and couldn't do anything.
"Now I'll make you watch it." He dragged her back to the carpeted ground of the living room, where he laid her on her back. He then grabbed her legs and put her feet near his shoulders, so her neck was bent and head was forced to look straight up with her body slanted towards his.