Dungeon and Sold Interesting Time Sex

Mr. Turner drove fast and as soon as they got close to the house he jumped out the car and dragged Jenny to the basement. It was very dark and she could not seethe small door in the side of the wall until Mr. Turner was opening it. They followed a small tunnel for a few minutes until it evolved into a large cavern. Lamps flickered along the walls and Jenny could see many cages set into the walls in these cages women sat on small beds completely naked. It seemed Mr. Turner had a collection. There were a few young girls there who’s tiny pussy holes had been stretched by much use. Mr. Turner took a bunch of keys from a shelf and, after unlocking the nearest cell, through Jenny in. It was a couple of days before he came back.
He did not open Jenny’s cell but instead took out the youngest girl who looked to be about twelve. He tied her on her hands and knees so that she could not move. He then stripped so that he was naked. His cock standing out in front of him he approached her from behind and dipped his cock into the girls pussy . He rubbed the juices that were now on his cock around her ass hole. Placing his cock on her red flower he pushed in deep and quick. The girl howled but instead of letting her obviously virgin ass get used to it he started pumping his balls slapping against her ass every time he pushed in she clenched her ass together making it even better for him but worse then just as he was going to cum he pulled his throbbing cock from her ass and let it dive into her pussy after only one stroke he dumped his load in her burying his cock up to his balls. He pulled it out again and pushed it back in dumping more and more cum in her little hole. He pushed it for a final time and muttered to himself “man I love cumming in pussy, its always better.”

Then he got up making her cry out and protest. He smiled and shock his head saying “No none for you. You screamed, you aren’t aloud any” She looked so disappointed that he pushed a finger up into he pussy she pushed as heavily as she could on his hand and he slowly walked her backwards whist fingering he opened the cage door and just before she orgasmed he threw her in making her scream in frustration. She sat there desperately trying to finish herself off but couldn’t so gave up.

He untied the girl and haled her up and turned her round to face him. He then kissed her neck and carried on to her boobs licking and biting her nipples. When he had done he slid down to her pussy. Cum was flowing out of it and he bent down and licked her clit. She gasped and opened her legs. He pushed his tongue down and into her cunt and licked and nibbled it for a bit. 

Next time he came down he came with a friend he pulled a blonde from a cage and tied her up so that her legs were wide apart. He then took a black leather whip from a rack and trailed it along the girls pussy and then brought it up and whipped her hard. Each time the whip hit her pussy the blond whimpered but never screamed even though the whip was starting to draw blood. The friend started to torture her nipples squeezing them between his finger and thumb then tying them with string which he tied to the low ceiling. He then got a bamboo stick and hit her tits repeatedly. After a little while they stopped and untied the girl. John (Mr. Turners friend) sat on the floor and the girl was forced onto him. As she sat down he bushed his big black cock into her ass. Mr. Turner pushed his cock into her pussy and they both began to pound her wholes. The blond loved it which made both guys pound harder. After a little while John grunted to Mr. Turner “I’m guna cum Alex!” Mr. Turner looked up “keep going man” he said “I’m guna cum to” they kept on pumping and sure enough Johns balls tightened and released all his cum into her ass. Alex pulled the girl of him, keeping his cock inside her he laid he down and pumped so more then came pushing his cock in as far as possible. At the same time the blond came. Gasping he rolled off of her. But john wasn’t done he clambered on her and stared pumping his cock in her this time it didn’t take long for him to cum. The girls pussy was full if cum and it was dribbling down her legs.

"Hey she's pretty tight!" he exclaimed when he saw me. "Yep only been fucked twice that one" Alex suplied. "wow! I'll take her how much do you want?" Said John who was now cheacking out pussy by putting his hand through the bars and pulling at my clit and pushing his finger in my cunt. " Two thousand" Alex said quickly "What!?" John exclaimed. "She's practicaly a virgin and she does the most amazing blow jobs" He said. The black man sighed and said "awh alright then" he handed over a check and Mr. Turner opened the cage. John took from his pocket chains and straps. He then strapped them round my ankles wrists and neck and pulled me along. I was marched to his red van naked and was thrown in the back.

“So you interested?” Said Alex. “No” John replied “Her pussy just isnt tight enough. But you have lots of girls here let me give them a look and I might be willing to buy" he got up and looked around the cages.Alex went with him yelling at all the girls "O.K get up spread your legs show him" John looked around the cagges but all the pussy were well used, except mine which had only been fucked twice.