Dream Vacation

Erotica - We had been saving for several years to take our "dream vacation" and the time had finally come. Just the time alone with her, away from work and the kids would be great, but two weeks in the Caribean was going to be heaven. My wife is a very beautiful woman with dark hair and a stunning figure that usually causes looks from men no matter where we are. In the beginning it would bother me but over the years it became a turn on to know they were looking at her.
After a long flight we had finally checked into the resort and made it to the bungalow. The resort was great with secluded beaches and all the sun a worshiper could want. My wife and I would lay on the beach every day and sip pina colladas from coconut shells...we were truly in heaven. She wore her white thong bikini which I had bought for her the last summer but was unable to wear because she was pregnant. We would sun and drink all day and at night we would dance at the resorts nightclub then stumble back to our room at the break of day.
The next day we decided to take a break from the sun and use the resorts outdoor game room and shoot some pool. I was saying to myself how nice it was to be someplace so beautiful and there not be any one around we know. Just as I was saying this to my self I looked across the bar near the pool table and saw Zack. Zack was a friend of my wife that we knew through business. We had been friends for years. He was older than my wife and I, we were 30 and Zack I think had just turned forty. I quickly pointed out his presence to Trish ( my wife ) and walked over to greet him. He was just as surprised to see us as we were him. We began to chat and soon discovered that he had come here to get away because his relationship with his current girlfriend had ended and needed some time alone. I along with Trish suggested we should hang out together for the rest of the week and just have a good time to take his mind off the ending of his relationship. He thought that would be good.
Through the week Zack and I would hang out together during the day while Trish would get her sunning time in. Zack and I would hit the volleyball around or play pool and basically act like two kids at play. We were having a great time and during the while kept thinking of what Zack thought about my wife. I had always known that he was attracted to her because Trish would tell me of the times he would make comments to her or hit on her. I really never seemed to mind because I knew that he was just envious of the relationship Trish and I had together. Zack was always there for the both of us when we needed him and I knew that his friendship came first. While Zack and I were talking we agreed that since tomorrow night was both of our last night in Barbados that we would dance and drink well into the night at the resorts nightclub. Trish also agreed because she knew that we would not have an opportunity to party like this again for a while. That night we began to dress for dinner and prepare our selfs to party. We agreed to meet up with Zack after dinner in the club because Trish and I wanted to have our last dinner on the island in private.
Trish came out of our bathroom wearing her tight fit tropical print dress and woven sandals. I knew she had not worn any under ware because she would rarely anyhow. She looked delicious! As soon as I saw what she was wearing I immediately thought of what Zack was going to think and all the thoughts that were going to got through his mind. Little did I know what the night held for the three of us. Trish and I had had a wonderful dinner along with a nice bottle of wine. We were both feeling buzzed and ready to dance and party some more. Trish was a little more buzzed than I because she really had not gotten her tolerance up from since being pregnant. We made our way accross the courtyard to the nightclub where Zack was waiting for us .
When he first saw her I could tell he liked what he saw. He gave her a friendly hug and me a handshake and we began to talk about old times. Throughout the night we would talk and dance . I would let Zack take Trish for a dance as I would watch him eye her body up and down as to take in every curve. I watched his hands they guided her hips as they danced. I found it strange, but as I kept watching the more aroused I felt myself becoming. NEVER would I have thought that I would have allowed myself to let this happen to my wife. To see another man dance with her the way Zack did. As the night wore on and we drank and drank. Zack and I found each other to be competing for every dance and with it a chance to be near my wifes tight body. The next time Zack danced with her it was a slow song, Trish asked me if it would be alright for her to dance this with Zack and told her of course. Trish was really drunk now and was beginning to slur her words. She drunkingly walked over to him on the dance floor and into Zacks open arms. She put her arms around his back as he put his hands on her hips.
As the music played I could see Zacks hips pushing into hers. His hands slowly moved over her ass cheeks and seemed to move in a slow circular motion on her ass. As they would turn on the dance floor they would each look at me with a playful grin I was surprised because I thought Trish would take offence to Zacks advances but I guess she was drunk and having a good time. I was so hard right now I could have touched my self and cum. I had always fantasized about my wife being with another man but never persued it because I felt it would have to be with some one that I could trust....I was getting an idea. As luck would have it the DJ played back to back slow songs which Trish and Zack never lost stride. Through the crowd I could see his hands still fondling her ass. I then noticed he moved his hands down farther and pulled her dress up so that her ass cheek was hanging out the bottom. She quickly leaned back and gave Zack a look of shock as he quickly countered with a goofy look he always gave. She gave him a little grin and went back to dancing. I could see Zacks fingers on the underside of her cheeks rubbing her bare skin. If there had been more light Trish's pussy would have been seen by those sitting around the dance floor. The song ended and they both regained thier composure and joined me at the table.

He kisses her deeply and pulls the covers over her as to hide what had happened. Zack then hurries out the door. After a few minutes knowing that Zack would be long gone I enter our bungalow to find my wife right where she was just a minute ago. I lift the covers up to examine her pussy. I see that her pussy is wet and has stared to leak Zacks cum. She turns her head and looks at me in her drunken state and smiles. I quickly undress and dive between her legs and begin to eat her out. There is familar taste which is her cum but I begin to lick up and swallow what I know is Zacks cum. I clean all the mess up and then put my own cock in her pussy. I pump until I fill her up with some fresh cum.
Afterwards we both fall asleep. The next day she remembers little but is curious as to why she is so sore. I tell her honestly what events took place and she becomes furious. I assured her that she looked beautiful and told her how much it excited me. She then thought about it and realized that she enjoyed it from what she remembers. I kissed her deeply, we both dozed off...

Trish excused herself to use the bathroom so I took the opportunity to talk to Zack. I said to Zack " you look like your having a good time". Zack responded by saying yes and thanked me for letting him dance with Trish, it had really helped him take his mind off his ex. I then said to Zack I would like him to do me a favor. I asked him to take Trish back to our bungalow and get her settled while I go check out so that we won't have to worry about it in the morning. He asked with a look of shock and surprise what do you mean by get her settled? I said that she was really drunk right now and I need to get her into bed. Take her back, ask to massage her back and just get her into bed for me. Zack looked at me with amazement and asked why, will she let me do that? I told him I will tell her that I want to check out and you will get her back to the bungalow. I wont come in until I see that you leave and take yourtime...I might be a while.
As Trish returned Zack had a look of shock still on his face as I explained the plan to Trish. She looked at me awkwardly as I told her the plan but agreed with my early check out. I told them to go on and I will catch up. Zack took her arm and he walked my drunk wife back to our room and me knowing fully what might happen. I quickly checked out and ran back to our bungalow and went around back to the cracked window. There were tropical flowers around so that I was hidden from any passers by. They had just walked in and Zack laid her on the bed. Trish was real drunk and flopped to her belly and hung her feet off the end of the bed. Zack turned the TV on still looking as though he was a little uncomfortable. He dimmed the lights and sat at the end of the bed and put his hand on her calve as he watched TV. Trish let out a moan and Zack began to massage her calve and remove her shoes with the other hand. Her shoes fell to the floor. He knelt at the end of the bed and began to massage her feet. In doing so he could see up her dress and in full view was her pussy.
I think this excited Zack as his hands went from massaging her feet to her calveand then the back of her legs. He then climbed on top of her and sat on her calves as his hands moved up under her dress and massaged and squeezed her ass. Trish's dress was to her waist now exposing all of her lower body. Zack was now working her ass with his hands with long, deep, deliberate squeezes. He stopped and climbed off of her and said to her he was going to remove her dress now so that he may continue the massage. Trish let out a moan as if she really knew what was going on. Zack scooted her dress from under her and over her head. My wife was naked face down in front of another man, my hand began to rub my cock and balls. After Zack got her dress off her he took all his clothes to reveal a large erection. He then climbed back on top of her and sat with his balls resting on my wifes ass while he continued to rub her back. I could see Trish squirm a bit as she sensed Zacks balls were on her ass.
Zack could take it no more..he hopped off her and plunged his face and tongue into Trish's ass hole. I could see he was really trying to fuck her ass with his tongue. Trish's eyes opened and she looked around to see Zack eating her ass hole but was too drunk to fight it. I know she would never have allowed it to go this far if she had been sober. After a few minutes Zack got off her and turned her over on her back. He placed a few pillows behind her head to prop her up. He then climbed atop of her and straddled her face. Looking down at my drunk wife he parted her lips with his erect cock and started to pump away. He grabbed the head board as I saw his whole cock disappear in her mouth. I heard her gag a little as she accepted his deep thrusts in her mouth. Just when I thought he was going to cum in Trish's mouth he pulled out and got between her toned and tanned thighs. Still glistening from her saliva her pushed his cock into my wifes pussy. He let out a moan as to say he had been waiting a lifetime for this. He began to fuck Trish with a vengance as he removed the pillows from behind her head to lay her flat. All the while I could see my wifes ass and thighs absorbing the thrusts being given to her by Zacks cock. Zack sucked on each breast and took her nipples between his teeth.
All Trish could do was moan and lie there limp and move her head back and forth. He then moved his hands up to her face to catch her moving head. Placing his hands on either side he held her head still and lowered his lips to hers. As his massive thrusts slapped against her belly he slid his tongue in her mouth and kissed her deeply. She responds by lifting her limp arms and grabbing Zacks ass as he pumps away. I see my wife for the first time locked in passion with another man. My cock is so hard it begins to hurt. Zack lifts his head up and throws it back and lets out a small yell as to signify he has just cum deep in my wifes pussy. They lay there together for a moment and then Zack quickly gets up and dressed as to leave before I arrive.