Day Sales

I was to get up bright and early and with kit in hand head out to cover my route starting with section number one for the first time. I had four routes all located in the same section of the community, the southwest section was number one, the northwest section was number two, the northeast section was number three and the southeast section was number four. I don't know if you are familiar with the way Chicago is laid out, but on average 8 blocks equal one mile and this section of town selected for me to cover was sixteen blocks on a side or four square miles, give or take an d inch or two on each side. Inside these parameters were lots of single family dwellings, but a large amount of high rise apartment buildings, too. All of this lying in a segment of Chicago that might be classed as upper middle or lower high income level. In short, a terrific route for a kid who didn't know his way around.
If this route was handled correctly a lifetime could be spent just covering the entire area. By the way, all of it was located on the far west side of town where all the "better than thou types" had relocated from the inner city in order to maintain what they felt was "their level of community pride". I don't mean to imply the area was saturated with money; it wasn't, but the families who had managed to emigrate to this portion of the city were able to afford some of the finer things in life and "Top Line" silk undergarments came under that heading. Most, then, if not all the ladies on my territory could and did come under the heading of "able to afford" and would, if given the right treatment, buy the product I had to offer.
When I went to bed the night before, the last thing I had seen as Julie sashayed out of my bedroom and into hers, was the cute little ass swishing back and forth just below the lower hem of her shorty nightgown and the thing that stuck in my mind was her admonition to join her in her bed should the need arise. Man, oh man, what an offer, but I was saturated at that moment with sex and intended to sleep in the next day. After all, the job I had set myself off on was not a real 9 to 5 operation and there was no time clock to punch, so my plan was to sleep late, have a leisurely breakfast with Julie and be on my way. Julie, however, had other plans for the day.
It was still dark out, for Chrisakes, when I felt this little warm body snuggle in next to me and plant her frame around my bent and twisted torso; so close I could feel her pussy hairs against the back of my ass. Nothing was said, nothing was done other than her right hand snaked itself around my right hip and clamped on to my soft dick. She didn't move her hand, nor did she try to instigate any sexual action of any kind. She just took hold of my soft pecker and held it in her warm hand, sighed and, apparently went back to sleep. I will have to admit, the situation while not to my liking at that particular moment did feel great.

I looked, quickly, in the direction of the voice and saw a girl of about 18 or 19 lying on the settee just inside the door. She was dressed in a sweater, buttoned at the bottom with one or two buttons and the cleavage just popped out at me. Wow! This wa s different than the past few hours, to say the least. For bottoms, she had cut off dungaree trousers which were unbuttoned so far dow n you could see the top of her pubic hair. This was some high schoo l kid. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I could see she was very cute and overly made up. Suddenly, she sat up, got up and stood rather close to me and said, "What can I do for you, honey? You sellin' somethin' or buyin' somethin?"

That soft warm female form tucked in all the folds and creases of my fetal position torso was terrific; not to mention the comfortable feeling of her warm hand holding my soft little schwantz. We were, for all intents and purposes, welded together and I went back to sleep instantly. It was not to be for long, however. As the light coming in from outside turned from black to slate grey to the blue grey color of predawn, pre-sunrise morning, Julie awakened, slithered herself around until she was in a position to take me into her mouth and started to suck. I whimpered, of all things, and twisted away because I was still hurting from all the sex we had had over the past few days. She was set back a bit, but went right back to gobbling my old dingus. I, then, said out loud, "No Julie. Jesus Christ my dick is so sore from yesterday I can hardly stand it. Let's not mess around this morning. And, for god's sake, why get me up so early?"
"Honey, you have to get out on your route if you're going to get anything done. Come on, we'll take a nice shower together and you can stick it in if you want to. Then we'll have breakfast and you can be on your way. I want to relieve you of the load you have no doubt built up while sleeping and I want it rather than have you give it to some slut out on your route."
I had no intention of letting Julie have any at that time of the morning and had no intentions, either, of "giving it" to any broad on my route; not today, anyway.
We did shower together and we went through the routine of "you scrub me; I scrub you" and she did rub my dick into her wet, soapy crotch, but I wasn't in the mood and she soon dropped the subject altogether. Getting dressed, she in her room and me in mine, brought us, finally, to the kitchen where she prepared a great meal of bacon and eggs and then I was off for my first day of selling.
As I prepared to leave the house, she took me in her arms at the front door, clamped her hand on my shaft and looking up into my eyes said, "Have a good day, baby. And keep all your equipment in your pants. This "Top Line" sales shit is dangerous. Save all of your fucking for Julie when you get home. Use it only if it means plenty of sales."
With that, she kissed my soundly on the lips, patted me on the behind, took my hand, the one that wasn't clamped onto my salesmans case and pressed it hard into her crotch, rubbed it up and down a couple of times, winked and pushed me out the door.
She had given me the keys to the Caddy, so the bus route was past history at this moment. Wow, old Mikey was riding high on the hog. So off we go into the wild blue yonder to see if we can do any selling. Besides, somewhere out there, and in my territory, was the gorgeous chick who played on my nerves a few days ago. I could still see that torso barely covered with two strips of cloth , gold high heel shoes and uum, uuuum.
Dispensing with the tried and true method for gaining admission, the free gift, I decided I would get right down to the nitty, gritty and not go around the entire area hanging a little sign on the door which promised a free gift on my return tomorrow. Instead, I decided to just knock, hold out the free gift and announce why I was standing there in their doorway. For the first 35 or 40 doorways my method was fruitless. I not only didn't meet any cute chicks, or sex starved housewives, I met numerous disgruntled husbands who had words not meant to be included in any biblical play. Thank god this was all taking place in an apartment building and the walking was curtailed to the nth degree. Elevators were the thing and saved a lot of foot stomping. After rejection after rejection, I decided to stop off at a local cafeteria and have a piece of apple pie and coffee. After finishing, I went outside and got in the Caddy, looked around at the endless line of high rises and decided to head for greener pastures; the area with single family dwellings. Maybe this was where the green pastures started.
I guess it would have been smarter and more productive for me had I been a bit more systematical in my approach, but I was becoming a bit anxious to make a sale, number one, and, maybe, with a little bit of luck the next door I knocked on would produce the vision that was stuck so firmly in my mind; blondie with the two strips of cloth. As the day wore on and door after door was opened and I was met by resistance so virulent I thought I was in danger of being hit in the face a couple of times, my ambition began to wane and my spirits were in a nose dive and the decision to give it up for the day and go home began to become more desirable all the time. One more door and one more growling, ugly housewife and I was gonna pack it in. Jesus, I didn't know there were so many ugl y married women. Where did all the cute little brides go?
Crossing the street into a section that was not, strictly, my territory, but an area that looked like it might have some interesting encounters brought me to a duplex deal that was in need of some repair, but looked clean and neat otherwise. The contrast in the dwellings from this side of the street to the other was an eye opener. How could some people live like this and just across a busy 8 lane city thoroughfare the uppity level was 20 fold higher. Oh, well, nothing ventured, they say. Knock, knock and before I could tap a third time a high pitched little voice said, "The door is open. Come on in." Wow! This was a welcome relief from what had occurred during the last four hours or so. Thinking it was some youngster doing something her mommy might not like, I hesitated and said, "Is your mommy home, little girl?"
"Mommy, hell, either you want to come in or you don't. Mommy is busy and I don't feel like gettin' up to open the door for you. Come on in."
So, taking the door handle, gently, I cautiously opened the front door not knowing what to expect and sort of oozed into the living room which, by the way, was quite dim as all the shades were drawn and the only real light was coming from the open door. As I
was trying to get my eyes adjusted this same voice came to me from my extreme right saying, "Close the door for Christ's sake. You want me to catch cold or somethin?"