By the end of the night

Jack made a deal with his wife. Brad was to go stay with his grandparents, in Saint Petersburg. He spoke with Brad that night in private, telling him. "I'm not the least bit happy with what you've done," he patted him on the back lovingly. "But I know why it happened. You recently broke up with your ex-girlfriend Molly. I had a good idea, you and Molly were having sex. I should've known better, then to leave you alone with Alyssa," Jack leaned over speaking softly. "Heck, Alyssa's a pretty girl. You couldn't help but relieve your needs with her," Jack suddenly grasped Brad by the back of his neck. "She's your goddam step sister Bradley. What the hell were you thinking," Brad twisted away and stood up. "I'm in love with her dad," tears ran down his face. "Maybe I shouldn't love her, but I do." Jack scolded him. "Your letting your little head, do the thinking for the big head," Jack stood, taking his son by the shoulders. "Son, I love you, but I also love Grace. Your little affair with Alyssa, it's jeopardizing our marriage. I'll be dammed if I loose Grace, because you cant keep your dick in your pants," Jack glared at Brad. "Now pack your bags. Then get some sleep, you'll be driving your car to Saint Pete in the morning." --- In the next room, Alyssa's upset, she's pacing back and forth in front of her mother. Grace is sitting on Alyssa's bed. "I cant believe your sending him away," said Alyssa. "This isn't all his fault. If I wouldn't have asked him to teach me how to kiss last weekend, it would've never happened." "You asked him, to teach you how to kiss?" Grace raised her hands, in a display of disbelief. "Girl he took advantage of you. He kissed you, just to get you revved up, then one thing lead to another, didn't it." Alyssa thought about the events of last weekend, and came to her own conclusion. "Yes kissing did lead, from one thing to another. But mom, I wanted the other to happen," Alyssa smiled down at her mother. "Mom I have a confession to make." Grace smirked. "A confession. Honey, do I look like a priest to you." Alyssa joked. "No mom, but you'll do for now." She paused, seeing her mother didn't find her joke, one bit funny. "Okay, I see your not in the mood for jokes, so I'll just tell you. I've had a crush on Brad, since before you and Jack got married," she smiled, thinking of Brad. "To cover up my feelings for him. I did everything I could to annoy the guy." She sat down next her mother, on the bed. "This weekend, when you and Jack went away. Brad and I discovered, we feel the same way about each other. He fought with me over things like, hogging the bathroom. I yelled at him for using my hairbrush, things like that." She leaned back, smiling mischievously. "All that fighting we did. Was just covering our true feelings for each other." Grace stood abruptly, glaring down at her daughter with angry green eyes. "Alyssa, I've heard enough of your childish bullshit for now, its time for bed," she paused. "No way," she said in a huff. "I'm not letting you sleep to close to him. Come downstairs, you'll be sleeping with me tonight." Chapter 12 Its been about a month since Brad was vanished across Tampa bay, to his grandparents home in Saint Petersburg. Its the weekend, he's outside mowing the lawn for his grandfather, using an old push lawn mower. As he makes a turn pushing the mower, he looks up seeing Grace's tan Chevy Impala pulling in the driveway. Looking inside her car he sees, she's alone. He hasn't spoken with her or Alyssa since, Grace caught him screwing her daughter, and broke his nose in a fit of rage. He stopped pushing the mower, and leaned over to shut it down. Grace came over to him, her friendly smile surprises him. His attractive forty-two year step mother dressed casually today. She's wearing her chestnut brown hair pulled back with a pink and white scrunchie. As always, she's wearing just enough makeup to expose her high cheek bones, light red lip gloss on her full lips. She wore a simple snug fitting white tank top, he's seen her in the white top before, it hugs the shape of her firm breast, and thin waistline perfectly. A pair of light blue denim shorts, complete her casual Florida attire. The shorts cause her slender legs, to appear longer then they really are. "Hi Brad," she said, smiling sweetly. "How are you doing today." Seeing her in such a good mood, compared to the way she acted a month ago, is a bit unnerving. He's fearful it might be a trick, to catch him off guard. Maybe she'll sucker punch him. Or worse, maybe she's carying his fathers 44 magnum Smith& Wesson in her purse. She might just draw it out, like a western gunslinger and blow him away, right here in grandpas front yard. He took a deep breath, cracking a charming smile before speaking. "I'm doing okay...I guess!" Grace looked her shirtless teenage stepsons body over, he's wearing cutoff jeans and Nike tennis shoes. Her enchanting emerald green eyes, seem to be admiring what they see. "I've come to make peace," she said, showing a pleasant smile. "Your dads working out of town this week, leaving me and Alyssa all alone," she looked him over. "Go put your shirt on sweetie. Are you hungry?" She said, with another unnerving sweet smile. Her sudden show of friendliness is a bit scary. "Yeah..I guess." he said. "Good because I'm taking you out for a burger. Now hurry and get dressed, because I'm famished." The way she looked him over, as she spoke sets his nerves on edge. After Brad quickly washed up, and put on a clean shirt, he climbed in her car and she drove away. Grace spoke as she drove towards town. "Alyssa's been missing you, something awful Brad. Her grades have gone down," She placed a hand on his bare leg, just above the knee. "I really do believe, she's in love with you." She stopped at a traffic light, gently stroking his knee. She smirked. "Shit, I have to admit son. I've missed, having you around too." The traffic light turned green, she moved her hand away. He's glad she did, he hasn't had sex in a while, her soft touch aroused him, in the wrong way. She pulled into a center turning lane, he looked around for the restaurant she's supposed to be driving to, the only thing he sees is a Red Roof Inn hotel. She pressed on the accelerator, crossing the street. At first he thought she was making a u turn, but she went straight into the hotel parking lot. "Why are you pulling in here," he said confused. "There's a restaurant, back that way." Grace snickered. "I rented us a nice room, in this hotel. When we get to the room, I'll order us some take out." Brad looked into her eyes. "Grace...what the hell are you up to?" she giggled. "Oh you'll see," she caressed his leg, pulling to a stop. "Come on sweetie. I got us a nice room, It's a honeymoon suite. It has a Jacuzzi, and everything we'll need for the weekend." He shrugged nervously. "The weekend? Why did you rent the honeymoon suite?" he asked nervously. She smiled alluringly. "You and I need to talk, and I thought getting away from everyone out here by the beach, would be a great place to talk, right?" He started to reply, she talked over him. "You've been stuck in Saint Pete, with your boring old grandparents for too long, it'll be nice to get away for a while." She flashed a quick smile. "Now come on, its getting late and I'm so hungry, aren't you!" Not knowing what to say, he kept quiet. His heartbeat rapidly against his chest. The idea of spending the weekend, in a honeymoon suite, with his step mother, doesn't seem right at all. Although, every since he met this beautiful older woman, a little over three years ago, before his father married her. He's had so many erotic fantasies about, both her and Alyssa. Of whom he's been missing something awful since he moved across the bay. They stopped at the hotel door, as Grace fumbles through her purse for the card key, he spoke reluctantly. " we shouldn't be doing this," his voice trembled. "Your married to my dad, for christ sakes." She flung the door open. "Oh hush, you fool," said Grace. As the door came open, Alyssa ran out throwing her arms around him, yelling. "Surprise!" She's dressed in nothing more, then a black lace baby doll nightie. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tight. Kissing her, not caring that her mothers standing nearby. Grace broke them up, joking. "Hey you two. Get a room!" Alyssa took his hand pulling him inside. Once inside, she began passionately kissing him once more. As they kiss, for what seems like an eternity. Brad feels Grace hugging him from behind, she spoke seductively. "Alyssa says, she'll share you with me." She kissed the back of his neck, slipping one hand down to the snap holding his shorts up. Alyssa's caressed her lips across his lips, as she spoke. "Doesn't that sound fun baby!" Hearing his sexy stepsisters voice say its okay, feeling both her and Grace's fingers slipping down his pants. Not to mention, being sandwiched between, Grace and her lovely green eyed daughter. How could he ever refuse, he stuttered. "Um...yes...this certainly sounds like fun." Alyssa knelt before him, as she's done so many times since their affair began. Grace knelt behind him, helping her daughter pull his shorts down. Alyssa began sucking his half erect cock. Grace moved next to Alyssa, she began kissing his navel and stroking his gentiles. Grace's voice trembled breathlessly. " are hung like your father," she teased Alyssa. "Let me taste your boyfriends cock." Alyssa giggled, tilting his cock to Grace's lips. "Let mommy teach you the proper way to give head, little girl." she said to her daughter, Alyssa joked. "Okay big girl. Show me how its done." Brad looked down in disbelief, thinking. Damn, last month this beautiful woman broke my nose. Now she wants to suck my cock.