Big Weekend Bear

Group sex story - one guy 3 girls - I had seen better times. My romance with a very special lady was in deep shit. It had been a torrid four months but it had become complicated by her boyfriend.
Regardless of the boyfriend, we were enough attracted to each other to have some of the greatest lovemaking sessions I've ever experienced, including twenty years of marriage and a very lively bachelor life. I had teeth marks on my body to prove it.
There was one night on the couch in a borrowed condo that I went down on Leslie, sucking and licking her cut until she tried to push my head right inside her as she hung on the edge of climax. So you can understand why I felt down when I had a house up at Bi Bear Lake for the weekend, and nobody to share it with. No Leslie. Her job was giving her fits, her other boyfriend kept popping in and out of her life and I was a further complication she just didn't want. And I was horny. My cock was in a semi-hard state constantly with no wet and warm place to put it. I fantasized about fucking every girl I met.
I was in my office fantasizing about fucking Peggy. She was ripe, bit-titted and luscious, and she worked down the hall. I had fucked her in the ass one night in the office after closing time when I had caught her masturbating in the lounge.
Now, as though on cue, she walked into my office. She looked luscious and desirable. The nipples of her breasts stood out like silver dollars.
She stood in front of my desk asking about some nit-shit office detail and I didn't hear a word she said. I looked up at her and said, "How would you like to go to Big Bear Lake with me this week-end?" I assumed she would laugh it off as a joke.
But her blue eyes went dark and thoughtful, her mouth opened and she slid her tongue along her lips. "Just the tow of us?" she asked. I had an instant hardon of gigantic proportions. I could feel moisture at the end of my cock.
I told Peggy she could bring anyone she wanted so long as it wasn't her husband or anyone who would get in our way. I figured I might as well assume we were going to fuck again and see if she was still interested. Then she really knocked me off my chair.
She said that Lucy and Allison who worked in her department had both said they would like to make it with me and she was going to invite them as well. I couldn't believe my ears. Women will fool you every time.
Lucy was a strawberry blonde and looked a lot like Leslie.
The same full body, the same great legs and ass, the same full breasts that went braless much too much of the time.
Allison was blonde and looked a lot like Jane Fonda. She had a slender, athletic body with high firm breasts and a full, sensuous mouth. I really wanted to put my cock in those two. Before Peggy went off to invite both girls to our weekend she looked at me and said, "Remember, I''m first, and I want you to do me in the ass like before!" Then she flashed me a wicked smile and I almost came in my pants.
She was back in five minutes. "Pick us up in front of the office at five... it's all set."
The rest of the day dragged by, and at five I pulled my El Dorado around to the front of the building where the three young beauties waited. We stopped at their respective apartments while each picked up some necessary girl items, and soon we were on the freeway headed toward Big Bear.
Not much was said. Just the usual chit-chat during the two hour drive. Peggy sat in front with me, and the tow other girls, Lucy and Allison, sat in back. The atmosphere seemed charged with expectation.
Peggy stroked my thigh, and then let her hand graze over my fly. Beneath it my cock was hard and pulsing. She put her lips to my ear and whispered, "Save that for me. Remember, my ass is first!"
I damn near drove off the freeway when she said that, but at last we were there, me parking the car in the carport. Once inside, Peggy took over. She assigned everybody a bedroom while I set about to build a fire in the fireplace. Then she looked at me.
"Give me five minutes, then come to my room to claim your prize."
Lucy and Allison came over to me then, and both started kissing and caressing me as Peggy headed toward her room. They had me undressed before I knew what was happening, and Allison was kneeling in front of me with my cock in her mouth, lolling it like it was an all-day sucker.
From somewhere in the background I could hear Peggy calling to me and reluctantly I reclaimed my cock from the pretty blonde's mouth only moments before she would have had me coming. Allison gave me a pouty look as I followed Peggy's voice, and Lucy gave my prick a loving caress.
There on the bed was Peggy. Her head was against the pillow, that sweet ass up in the air and she had one hand doing her pussy, two fingers strumming her clit while the other hand was lathering up her asshole with lubricant. I watched while she double- masturbated herself. The middle finger of her right hand was sliding in and out of her asshole while the left hand did its work on her clit.

 My cock was actually still hard, and I wasn't about to take it out of that warm, furry nest. We fell asleep this way, cock in cunt, our arms wrapped around each other. I dreamt I was fucking Leslie, and the body against me began to respond. I was pounding my cock deep into Lucy when Allison awakened me. "It's my turn now, Dick. No more for Lucy until I get mine!"
Slowly I got up, my still-erect hardon all slippery and excited. Lucy opened an eye. "I'm not through with you, but I can wait. We have the whole weekend." I was to find out what she meant later that night.
I headed for the shower, needing to calm down a little so that I could give Allison a good ride. She had one of those athletic bodies that worried me. There wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere on her. Her breasts were high, hard and sleek. The nipples were gigantic. Thighs all smooth, lean and golden.

While I watched, she started to spasm. Her body was convulsing. First her cunt against her left hand and then her ass would push back toward that probing finger as it dove in and out. I couldn't wait any longer. I moved in behind her, gently removing her finger from that little pink hole and rammed my cock in and up to the pubic hair. She screamed. Not out of pain. She was so ready she could have taken a cock twice as big and hard as mine.
I was in her ass, driving my cock in and out as she continued to scream. She was coming. And coming. And coming. "Fuck my ass! Harder! Harder!!" Her cunt was going off, and her body was trembling. She was breathing so hard I thought she might be having a heart attack.
"Oohhhhhhhh!" she gasped.
"I'm coming, you ass- fucker!"
I grabbed her by the tits and pulled myself even farther into her quaking asshole. And then I felt it in my cock, back near my balls. It was a violent tremor followed by a violent explosion as I started coming deep inside her ass. My cum poured into her butt in long spurts. Hot jism was running down her asscheeks and thighs as she overflowed. I just kept coming, coming two or three times while still buried in her ass. Peggy was still coming. All I had to do was shove my cock an inch or two into her and she'd come again. She was moaning and crying, and half out of her head. It was heaven.
Suddenly I felt something alongside of us and I realized we weren't alone. Lucy and Allison in all their naked glory were on the bed beside us eating each other's pussy.
They were soaking wet and really eating those cunts. First one, then the other would dive in. A little pink tongue would snake into a creaming honey pot and the other would cry out and clamp her legs around the head of the one doing the eating. I wanted Lucy. She reminded me so much of Leslie I couldn't wait to get at her. Reluctantly, I pulled my still hard cock out of Peggy's steaming ass and pulled Lucy off Allison's cunt. "Are you going to fuck me now?" she asked me eagerly. "You bet your ass I am!" I answered.
"Not my ass, do it to my pussy," Lucy said. Her eyes seemed glazed. Allison's mouth had done its work on her. She looked great. Her breasts were swollen, the nipples distended and pointed straight at me. I leaned over and kissed one of them and she pulled my head against it. She reached for my cock and began to run her fingers along its length. I took her by the hand and pulled her up, leading her to her bedroom so that Allison and Peggy could be alone. As we were leaving I saw Allison settle down between Peggy's lush, opened thighs. She buried her face in Peggy's muff. After a moment Peggy began to whimper as she came again.
Lucy pulled me into her room and onto her bed, and I was ready. She spread herself out, on her back and I thought for a moment that I was looking at Leslie. Lucy was not quite as tall but her coloring was the same. Her cunt was blonde and wispy. Not a lot of pubic hair and what there was was soft and did nothing to cover those red lips that were reaching out for my cock. Her cunt lips were wet and slick and red and open, inviting me inside. I couldn't resist them. I bent over and began to tongue her. She moaned and tried to push my head away. "No. I've had enough tongue. I want some hot, hard cock - and I want it now!" she demanded.
I knelt between her legs and placed the head of my raging cock against the gleaming cuntal lips she offered. I could feel her lips pulsing as I thrust deeply into her. We began to bump and grind our hips against each other, my cock sliding from one end of her pussy to the other. It was like a wet, hot oven. We were out of control. Our thrusts at each other no longer a steady pace. We frantically drove at each other, colliding in ecstasy. My cock stabbed into her cunt, and her cunt grasped my cock tightly. I could feel a stirring in my balls. The cum was beginning to boil over.
Now Lucy was pushing me away from her chest and stuffing a breast in my mouth. "Suck it! Bite it!" she screamed. "Make me cum and cum!" She was almost incoherent.
I sucked her and fucked her as hard and fast as I could. She came without warning. It was frantic. Her body began to thrash beneath me, her breath coming in gasps as she gulped for air. Her whole body was convulsing. Just as suddenly I began pouring a load of hot sperm into her that was a flood of molten cum. I kept coming, and so did she. We seemed to be bathed in cum, hers and mine. Now it was pouring down her trembling legs.
We lay in each other's arms, calming down, and every so often her pussy would give a convulsive twitch and grip my cock tightly, and I'd come a little more.