Alien Food "Part 1"

 was coming home from the Dr.'s office with a referal to make appointments with of all people a urologist and a shrink. When I described my now worsening dreams to the Dr. ----- I don't know, maybe he thought I needed some other kind of help! The whole thing made me feel peculiar and strange.

Resting that afternoon my thought was maybe I should have asked why the combination of the two? But I didn't and it was starting to worry me! Doc Jack wasn't ever very forth coming with information, so that was no surprise. But I did suspect he knew more or perhaps at the very least there was something he wasn't telling me! My confusion was growing!! I always hated Drs. which amplified my reluctance to go.
Tuesday morning came and as much as I wanted to avoid it I felt compelled to do as asked. At the urologists office the nurse explained that as per Dr. Jackmons request I would not be seeing the urologist that day, but would see him the following week. Totally unexpected was her next request. "I need you to ejaculate into a pressurized container." With a twinkle in her eye I suspected she was enjoying my reaction. She said that it was a special device and that it might help me along! She went on and said that for my privacy I should connect the box to the larger machine in the examining room. Wining-- I said "what the hell for Jackmon didn't say anything about this?" The nurse reassured me and said that it was a special request by the Dr. All would be explained my next visit.
Puzzled and a little confused I did as she requested. All the while I had this dark foreboding feeling that I was doing something I shouldn't. But, I went along with it. As instructed I pulled my pants down layed on the padded table and inserted the head into the box on the machine which was overhead. She said I wouldn't need an erection which for some reason I couldn't get one if I wanted to! When I did a motor came on and sucked the whole thing inside. I could feel it swell and it pulled to the point that it hurt I could feel the urethra open as it immediatly caused me to orgasm. It pulled the semon from me. It felt good but the I noticed the box was begginging to over fill. A red light came on as the suction released my penis which dripped all the way home. I should have known the strangeness of the morning would continue to the afternoon.
At 3PM. I was to go to the other appointment set by the good Dr. with the shrink. I was unaware he was also a hypnotist! When I arrived I was surprised to notice that the office was a large open space. One would expect a smaller more decorated waiting room for a head Dr. The other odd thing was that there were small banquet room tables and chairs. For more than just a few people. One particularly noticeable thing was that it was full of fairly young I think gay men. At any other time it might have hit me as being an odd stroke of luck, but my concern with the dreams that plagued me took center stage.
They all seemed to be filling out questionnaires. When I was handed what seemed to be a small book to fill out I almost walked out, but something peaked my interest when I happened to notice that the first question had to do with "wet dreams". Well, my curiosity got the better of me so I sat down. The fellow who sat next to me struck me as being vaguely familiar. The other obvious thing later occurred to me was that most of us were between 20 and 30 with lean builds not really too different from each other.
Oddly I also noticed that once in a while one or two, while engrossed in what they were doing would rub themselves in the crotch as though they were sore. Almost at the same moment I realized I was rubbing myself in the same way!
After I decided to sit down this nicely dressed man in a lab coat walked out and said to me "you must be Glen," and abruptly fired off "please come with me!" I stammered, but I hav----n't--" the man said that's alright come with me!"
When I entered the office at the end of a dark corridor I found it was very dimly lit but had a very relaxing effect. I then was asked by this mousey individual who looked me over from head to toe to please cooperate with him and that if I wanted answers I would need to dispense with any questions and to trust him implicitly. That was strange I thought! He continued and said that the procedure would be a little unorthodox, but the answers had to be without influence! He did ask "are you gay?" Not knowing from where his question originated I just gave him a look which probably gave him his answer anyway! He then said "So-----in the interest of time can we proceed right into hypnosis?
"Your Dr. Said that your mind might give us some resistance, and suggested we use a serum which will allow you to think as though you are awake" He smiled and asked Ok? I nodded and stuck out my arm as was motioned by the Dr. He also asked if I would, for the purpose which remained un disclosed, be willing to remove all my clothing? This was getting more wierd by the minute! After reassuring me that I would be completely safe and comfortable. He said, "The nurse will remain in the room for note taking and observation! Feeling even more strange I complied. When I removed my jeans they both noticed that I was wearing a rather packed jock. Pulling it down slowly I noticed the raised eyebrows as the Dr. Asked "did you wear a jock all the time?" I said uneasily, "every uhm thing felt very heavy and pulled when I don't wear it."
He continued,"We were told that we needed to observe your genitalia for anything unusual." "I hope you won't mind you will be totally safe."
Not being an exhibitionist I sheepishly continued to peel down my jock and layed on the couch. For the first time I realized how large and full my testicles were. They lay relaxed in my lap as though they were not part of my body. Not being fully aware of the gasp from nurse the Dr. Asked if my genitals have always been so red in color and swollen and did I have silicone injections? The Dr. Nervously said to the nurse "this one's different." After the comment about my length and the size of my balls along with several more questions I came to my standard reply "I don't know." Finally saying "doesn't this have to do with why I'm here?" The Dr. Simply said yes and nothing more!
The drug took hold almost immediately. He said to the nurse to turn up the heat a little. Then soothingly he quietly said to relax. He then said, "think of being at home on an evening of the third week of the month safe and in your own bed."
After what felt to be an hour which in reality was only minutes, the Dr. Shown a soft blue light in my face and asked me to recount my experience from that point.
Without warning I appeared startled and said "I'm paralyzed" struggling uneasily "I can't move." Soothingly he said "you're quite safe" and softly asked, "what is happening?" I said I didn't know, "this has happened before!" I blurted, "I know it has!." Again he said, "just relax you are quite safe here, but the experience is becoming very clear to you now isn't it?" Now more relaxed I agreed! Tell me what is happening? I'm in this thick haze with a blue kind of light. But,(struggling) "I can't move." The sweat was starting to glisten all over my body. My penis seemed to be aroused and moved from one side of my lap to the other then stopped. The nurse noted how heavy the testicals appeared.

The sound I heard faded in the distance as I was calmed from within.
From the first I felt warmth and love. I could see and sense a beautiful male face smiling down on me. Firmly grasp my penis was being entered. It didn't hurt! What ever it was traveled down the inside and squirmed as though it could have been alive. It was warm and fleshy. It felt oddly good even though I was forced held and invaded. I could feel it press even deeper into me as something very large slowly eased itself downward toward my inflamed penis. I could hear and feel a sensation from what must have been its tongue inside vibrating or resonating. My body seemed stimulated in tune which excited every nerve end from deep inside even more! Pulling even more on my penis my legs were gently, but firmly opened. My rear end was also invaded by something. It didn't hurt and gave off great warmth. What ever it was knew exactly how to arouse. The connection between the face I saw and what was happening didn't come until later. The bee sting at each of my testicles still hurt and felt like led.

He continued, "Tell me now what are you experiencing?" "I'm floating in what feels like empty space." "Oh!" I said again startled. What's going on now he asked? "Something wet and warm and bright is passing over my body!" Now a little frightened "in the pit of my stomach I can sense intense hunger and it is being directed at me." I would have been afraid, but more calm I hesitated, "I know what they want!"
I immediately felt the prickle of every nerve in my penis and nuts double even to the point of more soreness. I could still feel almost near starvation coming from someone or some place else, it was all around me!!
Out of no where a pleasant detached voice, a soothing voice asked me with an over powering calmness to relax and be calm, that no harm will come to me! Floating there I could feel something moving toward me. Some sort of see through partition being lowered over me. It appeared heavy and fit very tightly around the small of my waist. I can see little else. My still limp inflamed penis and balls felt as though they were slowly being drawn by something pulling at them, stretching them out displayed like on a platter of some kind. I couldn't feel hands. The blue lit washed over me it felt warm and tingly like some sort of energy field. It gave me over to an extremely over whelming sense of significance of this. Now squirming from the pain I felt this sting to each of my ballsmaking them ach and even heavier. With great sensation I also can feel almost worship as they lovingly caressed them.
Moments later I could feel my soft penis pulled even more by nothing I could describe. Something covered my aching balls firmly gripping them causing me to flinch from the sensitivity. The kind voice in my head seemed to repeat something I'd heard before. It explained my body was treasured and valuable to their species. My heart rate doubled when out of no where I heard a loud pleading scream. It came from somewhere down in another part of where I was. The voice reassuringly said that it was HIS time! I need not be concerned for many years. Relax, relax,relax over and over the voice said.